Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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This world we see…

This world may seem dark and gloomy. Things may seem hopeless…for a variety of reasons. It helps to understand there is a bigger picture than our neighborhood…than our states…than our country…than the whole world.
Our Creator has a plan and all of this is temporary. Get to know Him. He revealed Himself to us in His written word, in His miraculous acts on behalf of His people (whose ongoing existence in the light of so much antisemitism through the ages is a HUGE miracle) and He revealed Himself in His Messiah Yeshua/Jesus who came to walk among us.
Our Creator wants an upfront and personal relationship/connection to the people He has created. That means you and me!
Do not lose heart! Seek Him! Turn to Him! Be at peace as you experience His true shalom (peace and wholeness) in the midst of trying times and a darkened world and country.
Shabbat Shalom!
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Living Authentically

I want to live an authentic life. That may mean different things to different people, so let me explain what it means to me.

I want to live and walk in Truth. While I may be in error about some facts, I do not lie. While there is a time and place for being circumspect, it is not healthy for me or others if I ignore the “elephant in the living room” or pretend that things are OK when they are not. There is a delicate balance of what people do and do not need to know, but I will not play games.

On the flip side, I also want to walk in Faith. Walking in Faith means seeing beyond what is in front of me. For example, I may be sick now, but I can stand on the promises of healing, even though I may not see that healing until the next life. I will not “declare” myself “healed”, but I will thank our Creator for His promises of healing (on all levels inside and out) and I will live in joyful (with His help) expectation of that healing…whenever and however it will come.

Another example is in the area of provision. Our Creator is our Provider. I will not “declare” we have income we do not have. That would be lying and not walking in Truth. However, I will thank our Creator for being our Provider and trust Him to provide as He sees fit…even if it does not fit with what I want it to look like. I will live in joy, knowing I can trust Him for what I truly need (as opposed to what I want). I can declare that He is providing and will continue to provide.

This also applies to broken relationships. Our Creator is a Restorer and Reconciler to those who are willing to allow Him to be in the center of all they are and do…to those who surrender to His Spirit. I will not “declare” a relationship restored, but I will thank Him for all that I know He is doing to bring restoration and reconciliation. While He will not cross people’s free will, I can trust that He will continue to pursue reconciliation…so long as the other person has not hardened his/her heart completely toward Him.

Faith equals Trust and neither are worth anything if they are not built upon Truth. I can trust all I want in a lie and it will bring me nothing but eventual heartache. It may feel good for a time and even bring me some happiness, but none of it will last. True joy is not dependent upon happenings (like happiness is), but upon Truth.

So…I choose to live an authentic life. Will I do it perfectly? Nope. Will it mean I am always “up” and feeling wonderful? No. Life is still life. It comes with trials and hardships and challenges. Yet, in the midst of it all, I can live and walk in Truth knowing in Whom I have entrusted my whole wellbeing…body and soul.

I pray you will see our Creator today. He has revealed Himself to us in His word…the bible… and then again in His Living Word…the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. There are hard things in the bible. I won’t deny that. But the more I study, the more I recognize that some of those hard things are misunderstandings, some of which are based upon poor translating, but many of which are simply not doing due diligence to study the full context (linguistical, historical, textual and so forth).

Don’t give up. Keep seeking our Creator and ask Him to help you understand. Dave and I are not all knowing, but we are willing to answer questions as best we can. You can contact us via the contact form tab above.

Our Creator wants to be known. He already knows you and loves you and is just waiting on you to express a desire to know Him. Ask Him to show Himself. He will do it. It may be over time because of things in your life or questions you need answered, but He will reveal Himself to you.

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Every Generation…

Every generation is broken. We inherit some form of our parents’ brokenness and then pass some form of our own on to our children. It is up to each generation to work at getting better and being better than the one before it. It is up to us to take what we have been given and improve on it so that each successive generation is better and does better than us.

Will we take up the challenge? Or will we just complain about the previous generation and what we have been given? Will we hide behind inherited brokenness? Or will rise to the occasion and truly be all that we CAN be?

It may seem like an impossible task, but with the help of our Creator, we can do anything!

Think about it.

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Shabbat Shalom

Love these insights on this week’s parshah.

Love Israel Connection


Parashat Ki Tisa

(For you shall lift up—an idiom which means “take a census”)

Exodus 30:11-34:35

Haftarah: 1 Kings 18:1-39

In this week’s Torah portion, Moses ascends once more upon Mount Sinai to receive the second set of Tablets. He was upon the Mountain for forty days and forty nights and we are told that he did not eat bread nor did he drink water (See Exodus 34:28). This is most similar to what one reads concerning Yeshua, for He was tempted in the wilderness also forty days and forty nights, during which He did not eat or drink anything (See Matthew 4:2 and Luke 4:2). What is the connection between these two verses?

The number forty appears numerous times in the Scriptures and it relates to a transition or a change. Certainly when Moses received the Torah and descended to the people and gave to them this revelation from…

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This guy makes a LOT of sense!

Regie's Blog

I wrote a philosophical piece last week on health care. Here are some details:

To understand the repeal of the ACA, you have to remember what healthcare delivery was like BEFORE it. Americans have a difficult time remembering yesterday …much less five years ago.

The first thing you have to put in perspective is that INSURANCE isn’t the same thing as health CARE. Insurance is there for catastrophic things. But we have been using insurance as the payer of all things medical in this country. To me, that’s our first mistake. We NEED to pay something for care. Otherwise, it starts losing it’s value.

I like mini clinics. I think they are a great innovation in medicine. They’re generally inexpensive, quick and easy for things like a cold or the flu or a strep test or some weird bump or bruise that isn’t going away. These guys aren’t going to…

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So many thanks…

We have been through some really hard times, but G-d is so good! He has blessed us anyway, although we have not always been able to see it in the moment.

There are many people who have supported us in many different ways. Some we have known. Some have been anonymous. But we are grateful for ALL of them!

We are also very grateful that hubby won his disability case. There is a backlog, so we don’t know when we will see it or how much it will be, but we know it is coming.

This kind of reminds me of the blessings we have in our eternal future. Just as we have the judge’s “promise”, we also have our Creator’s promise. The judge is imperfect and can make mistakes, but not our Creator! Everything we go through in this life is temporary. There is a forever coming…new heavens and a new earth. That is what I look forward to.

But there is another kind of eternity…one of darkness without our Creator…forever alone…tormented by what we could have had and rejected. I know I am not in that group. I am grateful for all He has done to make sure I could be included…that ALL of us could be included!

Our Creator desires that NONE should perish. NONE! The only ones that do will have no excuse. They will know and understand who the Creator is…and yet reject Him. It is hard for me to imagine rejecting someone with full understanding, but it will happen. How very sad.

If you are uncertain into which group you fall, feel free to contact me via the contact form here: Contact Us. We will get back to you and will try to answer your questions as best we can. We will gladly share with you what we have learned and experienced.

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Shabbat Shalom

Springtime in Israel! This week’s parasha is Parashat Terumah.  Here is a short commentary by Baruch on the parasha.  May you have a blessed Shabbat! Parashat Terumah (Donation) Exodus 25:1-2…

Source: Shabbat Shalom

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Thoughts for March 2

Life can be very hard and bring with it lots of troubles.

It can seem as if our Creator has abandoned us.

But no! He NEVER will!

This is not our permanent home!

Keep looking ahead as you submit to His refining work in your life.

There is nothing He allows that He does not turn around and use, somehow, for good.

It can be hard to see for many things how it could be good, but remember that evil comes from the hearts of people…not from Him.

He takes the evil and uses it to draw us to Himself and to refine us into people who are willing to love Him…no matter what.

He has planned new heavens and a new earth…a beautiful new earth where we will live forever in His presence and free from evil.

Think on that and let it be your hope.

Yeshua (Jesus) came that we might know His Abba/Father better and be able to draw close to Him…in spite of our sinfulness.

Our sin kept/keeps us from Him, but Yeshua paid all the penalties we deserve for breaking God’s law and turning from His ways.

Rejoice in that!

Let it be your hope as you deal with all the hard things happening in this life!

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“Context Is King”

There is a saying among those who study and teach literature. “Context is king.” They say this because it is very easy to misinterpret what an author is saying if we do not understand the context in which they are writing. Context includes writing styles, culture, historical time period and (in the case of translated works) understanding the original languages and idioms…for starts.

We have a Creator who loves us and who has revealed Himself to us in many ways. Those who think the God of the bible is some kind of genocidal maniac is not reading in context. I recognize that many will say the context is clear and the words are plain. On the surface, I would agree. If one reads without an understanding of idioms, language, writing styles and historical, cultural context it could easily appear that way. This is why real seekers of truth need to be studiers…not merely perusers or readers who are content with easy, superficial understandings.

Evidence of a Creator is all around us. Irreducible complexity is just one aspect…a very big one. Even non-believing scientists, for the most part, recognize the impossibility of evolution and the ones with integrity will admit they refuse to teach anything other than evolution because they do not want to believe in there being someone to whom they must answers. Their quotes can be found…if one is willing to search them out.

It is only logical that, if we have a Creator, that being wants to be known. It is also logical, that a Creator holds the key to who we are and why we are here. Shouldn’t we want to know about such things?

Seek our Creator while you have time! Make the most of your life!

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Feb 17, 2017: Micah 7:7

I have been pondering this verse lately:

But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Saviour; my God will hear me. Micah 7:7

There are times in life when things seem to be stacked against us…when it seems so dark. Yet, our Creator is faithful. He is there with us…even when others are not…or when others even betray us. He is always there.

My soul rejoices in the steadfastness of the LORD. I know I can count on Him to get me through this life and to prepare me fully for the amazing life to come.

I wait for Him and He DOES hear me!

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