Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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Is This the End?

Is this the end? No! Not yet!

We have prayed about this a lot. Our consciences will not allow us to vote for Trump and there are many others I am finding who feel the same way. We will write-in Cruz rather than vote for a man who represents evil and does evil things (while bragging about it) or not voting at all.

G-d raises up leaders and He brings them down. Our job is to vote for the best person. If none are “officially” running, then we will write one in. And others are thinking of that, too. Many others!

Imagine it. It is not impossible…not for G-d. If enough of us said “enough…I will no longer settle for the lesser of two evils” and voted for a real Constitutionalist with a proven track record…Imagine what G-d could do with that. But will we listen? Will we do it?

I will not vote in fear…which is what a vote for Trump would be. And, to be quite truthful, I do not see Trump as being any better than HRC. I see them as two sides of the same coin. (Just look at how he won the most liberal states. Hello!) Both are VERY bad for our country…as would be Bernie if HRC ends up in prison.

We are praying for G-d to raise up a Josiah. We are praying for the leader we need rather than the leader we deserve. But you know what we firmly believe it hinges on? Repentance! No man will make things better if we do not repent as a nation. And, I believe, one of the keys of repenting is asking forgiveness for trying to do things our way instead of G-d’s way. If we had stopped voting a long time ago for the lesser of two evils. If we had held our elected officials to the fire. If we had stopped caving to godlessness and immorality and the murder of the unborn and so many other things…we would not be in this situation.

It is time to vote for the best person and put feet to our faith! Vote for goodness and trust G-d for the outcome. But it may be too late. If Trump wins…it will be judgment on our nation. Same if a Dem wins. I am voting for a leader who fits G-d’s credentials…not one who “might” be able to beat HRC and will bring in the same thing only in a different way.

IDF Rabbi on Twitter put it another way: “You can tell when your enemy is defeated mentally: When they fight NOT to lose…instead of fighting to WIN.”

For me, voting for Trump is voting in fear of losing rather than voting to win. We will vote for goodness…not for evil!


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Seven more reasons a Trump presidency would be a catastrophe. Trump must be stopped.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


Today is Super Tuesday. Barring a miracle, Donald J. Trump will win decisive victories across the nation. Despite saying some of the most despicable things I’ve ever heard any  presidential candidate in either party say, Trump continues rising in the polls. Many analysts believe he’s well on the road to winning the Republican nomination for president.

This would be an utter disaster. The threat Trump poses to the health and well-being of the American people and her republic cannot be overstated. Trump must be stopped.

On January 31st, I published a column laying out “32 reasons a Trump presidency would be a catastrophe for America.” I provided links to one direct quote after by Donald Trump himself demonstrating how unprepared he would be for the presidency. I also provided evidence that he is trying to hoodwink Evangelical Christians into thinking he is one of us, and and that he is trying to hijack the conservative moment by claiming to support conservative policies…

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Sharpening the Bit aka Lessons From the Shop

My hubby bought a drill bit sharpener quite awhile ago. It worked really well when he first bought it. But when he got it out the other day, it was not working well at all. He tried several times and could not figure out what was wrong. It was eating up his drill bit!

So, he decided he should rewatch the instructional video. Wouldn’t you know? There was one tiny step he had left out. Just one tiny step! When he tried it again, putting that step back in, it worked just fine.

We thought about the spiritual parallels to this:

How many times have we been so sure we were doing things the right way…G-d’s way, but we were not?

How many times have we thought we remembered what the scriptures said, but we were wrong?

How many times have we decided we could do it our way rather than G-d’s way?

We need to be studying the Word of G-d and continuing in the Word of G0d. We need to make sure we have it right and be careful about being dogmatic. Many times over the course of my life, I have gained new insight that showed me that my understanding was incorrect. I have to be humble to allow G-d to give me that new understanding and to allow it to change my life.


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When to speak the truth (in love) – follow up to when he became a she

This is the followup post to the previous one. It is important to read both.

just a jesus follower

truth‌ in love2I am writing this in response to many of the comments/emails I received after my last post.

Holy cow.

The amount of people who engaged in that post was kinda overwhelming.

So, this is my response to much of the feedback I received. For those of you who know me, you know I tell it like I see it. As always, I’m being pretty transparent and you’re getting a wide look inside. Halving that said, this is my heart.  This comes from years of conversation with God and researching scripture for my own benefit on this question. Take it as you will.

The constant question for Christians seems to be this: when/how do you speak truth to someone? (I don’t even know if I like the way that question is worded. But, whatever. We’ll go with it for now)

When it comes to this topic, people love to use…

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When he became a she – walking in love

Make sure you read the next post…the followup one…too.

just a jesus follower

walking in love blogThe other day, Zac and I went into a retail store and were greeted by an associate.

I soon recognized the associate as someone I used to go to church with years ago. Someone close to my age, who I had shared many years sitting next to in our small little church.

But, he had changed.

He was now a she.

I could tell my friend recognized me, but didn’t think I would recognize them. They helped me around the store and their hands were shaking almost uncontrollably the entire time.

I knew why.

They were afraid.

Afraid of what I might say if I caught onto who they were.

Afraid of seeing the shocked Christian look of horror on my face.

Afraid of my judgement or God knows what Bible verses I just might hurl at them.

Afraid of being shamed.


I decided to…

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An Amazing G-d and Love Without Conditions

I serve and love an amazing G-d. In spite of all my imperfections and foibles and sinfulness, He loves me. Regardless of how the term got started (and misunderstood), that is real unconditional love.
That love without conditions is expressed in His sending His Messiah…a part of Himself…to walk the earth and take the penalty for my sinfulness. He did not demand I do anything before His sacrifice and He does not demand I do anything now before receiving the gift of what He did.
He DOES ask me to show my love back for Him by obeying Him. If I am unwilling to obey, then my gratitude for what He did for me would be legitimately questionable…as would my love. No obedience…no real love. And no true gratitude.
While His love is without conditions, His salvation is not. His heart breaks over those who stubbornly refuse to accept Him or reach out to Him. If He did not love, His heart would not break. Salvation requires acceptance of Him and of what He did. It requires seeking Him. He promises to reveal Himself to all who truly seek Him with all their hearts.
Please, seek Him today while there is still time. You do not know at what hour or day He will come for you. Be ready!
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5 Tips for Effective Communication in Marriage

Important points.

Marriage Gems

Divorce Proof Marriage
Today’s Guest Post is from Waverly Hanson, the best-selling author of How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage.

Relationships, especially a long-term marriage, will go through many phases. There will be moments when you and your partner are in perfect sync and it feels like nothing can get you down. Then, there will be scenarios where you’ll feel like you don’t know each other at all. This concept would be much easier to swallow if it didn’t enrich divorce lawyers at an alarming rate.

The simple truth is, you and your partner have to learn the value of communication within a relationship if you are going to weather the bad and enjoy the good. So, consider these five tips to create effective communication in a marriage and maintain a solid, mutually beneficial relationship.

1 – Start Listening

The first step in creating effective communication is to start listening. This means not interrupting…

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Effects of Music on Society

Good information!

Calming Harp

Music and the Brain

 Laurence O’Donnell

“Music is so naturally united with us that we cannot be free from it even if we so desired” (Boethius cited by Storr).

Music’s interconnection with society can be seen throughout history. Every known culture on the earth has music. Music seems to be one of the basic actions of humans. However, early music was not handed down from generation to generation or recorded. Hence, there is no official record of “prehistoric” music. Even so, there is evidence of prehistoric music from the findings of flutes carved from bones.

The influence of music on society can be clearly seen from modern history. Music helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. When he could not figure out the right wording for a certain part, he would play his violin to help him. The music helped him get the words from his brain onto…

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He Is Faithful!

I know there are those out there who think I am a deluded, foolish, “older” woman. I am not blind. Rather, I have true sight.

I have lived a life of seeing over and over again the faithfulness of my G-d…of my heavenly Father and His Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. There are things I have been blind to, but He opened my eyes to see the bigger picture…to see behind all the hardships, abuses and challenges I have faced in this life. He opened my eyes to situations and people I needed to get away from…and then made a way for it to happen. He has not only saved me for eternity, He has saved my life and my spirit many, many times.

Over a span of 60 years, much has happened…including things I thought would break me. Whether it was due to my own stupid choices or my naivete or just plain ignorance or even due to people being used my spiritual adversary to come against me/us or just life happening, G-d got me through it.

There are many times in my life I wanted to die, especially growing up. There are times I thought I was losing my sanity or that I was going to just plain break. And that was the plan of some in my life. But it was NOT G-d’s plan. Nope!

I have fought battles in the darkness. I have endured things for the sake of my children. I have had evil thrown at me. I have come out of things I prefer not to even mention.

Yet, here I am!!!

I don’t have much when it comes to this material world…at least, not by American standards. (I am rich compared to many in the world.) But I have something that many who have way more than me do not have. I have inner peace. I have shalom. I have answers to my deepest questions and I have a trust in the One who has chosen not to reveal, yet, the answers I do not have. I have the freedom that He has brought to me. I am not near how I want to be, but I am nothing like I used to be.

The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is faithful. He made all there is. And He keeps it going. It is not that hard to see. The precision of creation and the impossibility of many things to come about by chance cause even many evolutionists to use the word “design” because they are so amazed it just slips out. It is as if their inner consciousness is screaming out the truth while they even though they are living in the darkness of lies.

I do not know what the future holds, but I know I can trust G-d to bring me through it all and out the other side.

I think this jpeg is fitting.havent-had-what-wanted-but-needed-abba

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Sometimes…we just need help!

There are things in life that can only be overcome with the help of our Creator. I believe that is intentional. I believe it is to show us that there is only one True G-d…and it is not us. I also believe it is to draw us toward Him because He wants so much to be in relationship with us.

All the things of this world that look so “good” to us and that we think will bring us happiness are NOTHING compared to Him and what He has for us in the next life if we can just trust Him in this life.

Stop chasing the things of this life. Stop fighting your personal “demons” on your own. Stop running. Seek Him. He has promised to reveal Himself to all who truly seek Him.

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