Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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Planned Parenthood Exposed

I find it incredibly sad that the main stream media (MSM) is not covering all the Planned Parenthood (PP) videos that have come out.

They are actually taking babies and selling their body parts. This is against the law. This is not about reimbursement or recouping costs. They are already paid for each abortion PLUS they receive huge amounts of Federal and state funding.

People are trying to say that they are not really doing this or talking about this or that the videos have been altered and edited. But PP hired two professionals to look at them and they said it is not altered. The full length videos have been released. No editing. Same message.

What kind of society have we come to be? Do the searches. You will find the videos. It is sickening. It is the result of becoming a godless society. No, that is not right. We have gods all over the place.







We have all sorts of “gods”, but we have walked away from the Creator…the One True G-d. We have thrown Him out of our public lives, out of our private lives, out of our country.

G-d help us. We are damning ourselves over and over again. And this is only way in which we are doing this.

It is time to WAKE UP! No, past time!

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Well now…here it is!

I realized that I post a lot on Facebook, but hardly ever here. I cannot go back and find all my former posts…although maybe some day I will. I should have been writing them in docs and saving them, but I don’t. Laziness? Maybe. I am going to try to post here, too.

This is a post made today on Facebook:

Well, my first choice for this morning would have been to be with my dear sisters in the L-rd in class today, followed by worship and teaching with the body of Messiah. Alas, it is not to be…not today. I am barely up and will probably be back down again.
Not my first choice, but I am OK with it. I will praise my Creator…no matter what. If this is what I need to go through for awhile, so be it. I will do what I need to do in order to get well…or to live life to the fullest with all this.
No one is going to steal my joy! I know Who I serve. I know to Whom I belong. And He is GOOD! And He is FAITHFUL!
Worship is not just singing. That is only one small aspect of it. Worship is how I live my whole life…do I live it for Him or for myself?
I know a lot of people won’t understand that. What? Not live or do anything for yourself? But that is not what it means. You see, the best way I can do for myself IS to live for Him! He loves me more than I can ever love myself. He knows what is best for me more than I can ever know. And we both know this is not my forever Home! The best is yet to come and this is just preparation for that. Whatever I have to go through in order to prepare myself and to serve as a witness to others that He is real…so be it.
Those who are seeking Truth will see my life and “get” my attitude. Those who are not…won’t. They will think I am weird or odd …or maybe even mentally not right. That is OK. My heart grieves for them for they have no idea what they are really missing out on…only an idea of what they “think” or what they have “heard” that is not Truth.
I pray for our Creator…the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…to bless you mightily. I pray you will turn to Him and to His Messiah…Yeshua aka Jesus, although I have to say that He is probably very different from the Jesus you have been taught about. Want to know what I mean? Message me! I am happy to share with anyone who is seeking.
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Thankfully…Dave is OK!

On Wednesday, while Dave was working on the surround for the bathtub (so that we can finally use it after 4 years), he lost his balance when he stepped on a rolled up piece of carpet we had in the bottom. He lost his balance and fell out of the tub.

Our tub is about 8 inches off the floor, so the height he fell is that much greater than out of a regular height tub. He was able to twist himself so that he did not hit his head on the toilet, which could have broken his neck. Thank You, Abba! Instead, he landed on his elbow and jammed his arm up into his shoulder.

I put him on ice immediately while I got ready to take him to the ER. I felt so badly for him as we went down the driveway. Even though I tried to drive very slowly, the driveway is very rough and every bounce caused him pain.

The doctor said nothing was broken, but he had very little mobility. He was given a prescription for steroids, which he started yesterday. The doctor also said that a physical therapist would call him to see about getting him in. He said that the next few days would either bring major improvement or it would get worse.

He slept on the recliner so he would not accidentally roll over onto his shoulder. In the morning, he was already seeing improvement. This morning, it is even better. He has a lot of his range of motion back, although it is still painful. Thankfully, it has been mostly painful with motion. Even right after he hurt it, if he was able to just be still, it did not hurt that badly.

The physical therapist called this morning and said that he was so improved that she did not think he needed to come in. Hallelu Yah!

He is still a bit sore, but doing soooooooo much better. We are thankful that nothing broke and that it appears he did not do any serious damage to his joint. The likelihood that it will take a turn for the worse is unlikely now.

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When the Past Comes into the Present

I just posted about some of the effects on me of living in the RV. As I sit here, thinking about being in it, I find myself starting to tense up inside. That is called Post Traumatic Stress. I recognize it because I have it from some other things, too.

When I was living in the RV, I just pushed through it. I have to say right now that the ONLY way I really got through it was by the grace of G-d. It was HIS strength, His Spirit, that got me through it.

So, here I sit now, four years later, and I find myself flashing back to those times. I don’t think of it often, but there were times when I was just battling to get through the day. Times when it felt as if the walls were closing in on me.

The whole RV, engine and all, was 24 1/2 feet long. From side to side it was 7 1/2 feet. Our common living area was 7 1/2 feet by 11 feet. Beyond that, there was a tiny closet at one end and an over cab bed where our son slept on the other end. In that 7 1/2 by 11 foot space was a couch/sleeper, table, chairs, cabinets, stove, sink. You get the idea.

If you really want to see what it was like, there are photos and stories at our previous blog. Little RV on the Hillside.  You are welcome to go read. It was quite the adventure. But like a lot of adventures, there was a difficult, darker side to it, too. I don’t really share the darker side on that blog, but I hope you will enjoy the funnier sides of it.

G-d brought some people our way who worked together to get Beit-Shalom to the point it is. We are very grateful for each and every one of them. What a huge blessing they were. When I look around the house, I think of them and I smile. I recognize different contributions made and it is a good feeling to know that so many people cared so much!

We are very blessed!

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Living in the RV

As many of you know, this blog is preceded by Little RV on the Hillside which shares some of our experiences as a family living in a tiny RV for five and a half years. We had five and a half years of adventures along with some scary moments (like when we thought the RV might slide down the hill during an extraordinarily heavy rain storm).

One thing I don’t often talk about is how it effected me. When it comes to my personal life, I try to focus on the positive things in life and keep the negative to a minimum. It is not that I never share the negative, but as much as possible I try to counter each negative with a statement of a positive that is kind of a “nevertheless”.

For example, the three of us were living in a tiny RV with no bedroom. Nevertheless, we had a roof over our heads! I always tried to keep my eyes on how much we actually had rather than what we did not have. I was not always successful in that and, even when I was, it did not remove the effects of my living situation.

Being transparent here is not easy, but I think it can be healthy. And it can give others a chance to get a picture of some of what we were going through in our situation and what makes this house so special to us. So, here goes.

I am an introvert, which is not the same thing as being shy, although I can be shy, too. As an introvert, I need some solitude – some alone time – to regenerate. As much as I love being around other people, it is draining if I have to do it alot. I need solitude to recharge. In the RV, I had no real solitude. Dave worked crazy schedules and I was home educating our son. I oftentimes felt drained and like I was trying to just catch my breath. It did not help that the bugs here love me. So, even when the weather was nice, I had to stay inside most of the time. (Thankfully, our son did not have that problem and he was able to go run around outside.) I got eaten alive and the bites tended to get infected.

As a result, my life became rather sedentary, which was unhealthy. There was no room to work out in the RV and going outside was often not much of an option. I am sure it looked rather comical to see me running from RV to van and van to RV in the summer. I could go outside more in the winter if it wasn’t too cold.

I realize that some people will wonder why I didn’t put him in school. That would have given me some solitude when his school schedule overlapped Dave’s work schedule. It is a legitimate question and I don’t know how many will understand the answer. We truly believe that home educating our son was best for him. He was all antsy boy and a later reader. A typical school would most likely have labeled him ADD and we did not want that. Plus, by keeping him home, we were able to allow him to learn to read at his own pace.

There was also the issue of his heart. The state we lived in had programs in the school system that went against parents, but we had a lot of support for home educating him. There were a lot of former teachers we knew and even a reading specialist who assured us that his learning to read later was not an issue. We just needed to keep plugging along.

When we moved, we had no idea all that we were going to experience. I did not expect to be in a rural situation with so many limitations. I did not expect to stay in the RV for so long. We were able to get him to a co-op learning group a couple of years, but did not have the transportation or money to do it more often. Should we have put him on the yellow bus? Believe me, we thought about it many times. Each time, we came back to our reasons for teaching him at home.

We wanted to keep his heart close to ours and to raise him with our standards, not the standards of other people (teachers and a school system). We wanted him to learn about real history, not the selective and edited history that removed the true beliefs of the people who worked so hard to found our nation and give us The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We wanted him to learn real science…not pseudoscience…and to be able to distinguish between fact and assumptions and faith (whether that faith was biblical or atheistic). We wanted him to be able to think logically and be able to identify rhetoric. Admittedly, there are some “holes” in his education. But you know what? There would still be “holes” in the school system, especially where they really focus on teaching to the test, which is happening a lot in the schools.

We did not want him to be cooped up for hours on end inside a classroom. We wanted him to have the freedom to take advantage of the snow and climbing trees and building whatever his imagination fed. We wanted him to be able to live life and learn from life instead of just books. We wanted him to be able to explore his interests while he was actually interested in them instead of making him learn them according to a schedule when his natural interest may have been lost. We wanted him to be exposed to different people in different situations rather than always being stuck with those his own age.

We wanted him to be available to help others and to learn “non-classroom” things (like building a house and plumbing and making a deer stand). Yes, there are some good things he may have missed out on, but they were replaced by other things the classroom youth did not have. He got to visit some places during the hours they were not so crowded. He got to work alongside adults as well as other youth. He also got to miss out on the negative things…like drugs and promiscuity. Every single high school in our area has a big drug problem. In fact, our whole area has one. I like to think that we protected him from that.

So, is it good that we educated at home? No matter what choices we make as parents, there will always be times of wondering if we did the right/best thing. Looking back at it, I think we made the right choice, given his personality. Maybe I am wrong, but what is done is done. We believed we should teach him at home and I was willing to make the sacrifices necessary to do that. I paid a rather heavy price as an introvert with Post Traumatic Stress stuck in a tiny RV. Yes, I paid a price. But it was worth it. HE was worth it.

We have been in the house four years now and I am still struggling to recover from those year in the RV. But I am getting there. One step at a time. One day at a time. I am very grateful for this house. In it, I have an “office” in which to study. With our son graduating from high school, I hope to pursue some dreams of mine as G-d permits. I also plan to just rest for a bit. Take a breather. Catch my breath and try to relax.

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The Ongoing Journey

Abba’s timing is always perfect, even when it does not feel so to us. Since my last post, I have been driven to my knees and gladly so. I am letting go of things and accepting that my first calling is to serve my family. We are all called to serve one another, but it starts with those closest to us…the ones with whom we live. And as important as serving those we work with or minister with is also important, it does not good if we are ignoring the ones with whom we live. Or the ones with whom we are most closely related, even if they do not live with us.

There are things to which I aspire, dreams I have, that I am letting go — for now. If they are meant to be, they will be. Abba will bring them to pass. Letting them go helps with not being overwhelmed.

There are things I want, material things. I am also letting them go. It is not easy since there are some things that would make life a bit easier. However, longing and wishing are not going to make it any easier to be without them. I will do what I can to squirrel away a bit here and there and, again, if those things are meant to be mine, they will be.

It is about learning contentment. With people. With situations. With things. Contentment. Serenity can be another word. Can I be serene in the midst of things? Can I go with the flow?

My son said something today. He wants to take a single box and put his most prized possessions in it. Then he wants to get rid of the rest. I think that is a wise decision and one I would like to do. Of course, that would not include my favorite, most needed books. But I can set aside one shelf for just those. The idea is to pare down. It is something I have been slowly working on and need to continue. I wish the office could just hold my personal things, but it for now it needs to hold “family” stuff, too. Ah, well.

Our son was gone in a youth trip. During that time, Dave and I prayed together every day. It was good times of prayer…deep times. During this time of Ramadan, we are praying for the various Muslim populations, that they would come to know Yeshua in a very real way and be set free from the bondage of a false religion, especially in those countries where there is also physical bondage.

I know I am growing more deeply into prayer and more deeply into relationships. I am asking Abba to show me how I can better serve my family and stay out of the overwhelmed state.

I need to remember, and walk in, the following:

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Time marches on…or trying to get it together!

Time never stops. We have a graduation ceremony behind us. It was really nice. Of course, this mom got teary. All went well, including a visit from my somewhat estranged father. I write “somewhat” because, although we have been in communication and I have received a couple of apologies, we are not close. I am not sure we will ever be close. That is G-d’s domain, not mine. I can only do what I can do. Forgiveness does not equal trust, but it does leave the possibility open. So much depends upon the other person.

My biggest challenge in life is getting organization out of chaos. It is easy for me to feel overwhelmed. I have been going through this for quite a while now. Then it hit me. I am overwhelmed because I am trying to do things that are not for me to do. They are not bad things, just not the right thing…not right now anyway.

I used to be driven by the verse that says I can do all things in Christ Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) who strengthens me. Thankfully, many years ago, Abba got hold of me and opened my eyes to see that it means I can do all the things HE has called me to do. Not all the things others put on me or that I needlessly put on myself. I can take things on because they “seem” to be the right/best thing to do. Yet, they are not. They are not for me.

This has led me to continue to work on figuring out how to bring order to my life, but at least I will now be looking with a greater willingness to let some good things go. Step by step, I want to be more and more surrendered to my L-rd until I am able to be used fully by Him. I want to be a better wife, truly serving my husband according to his needs…NOT according to what I want/need him to be. I can easily think I need him to be certain things that are not really about needs so much as they are about conveniences. Oh, what a selfish creature I can be. Abba, help me not to be!

I am working on praying more effectively…starting with a surrendered heart and a willingness to let go of my plans. There were two awesome things that led up to a change in my approach.

One was a trailer for the movie “War Room”. From the very first time I saw the trailer, I was convicted about how I am living my life. Here is the trailer:

Here is a short video on the heart of War Room: 

But what also really pulled me up short was this short talk by Alex Kendrick about the Three Battles. Wow! 

I hope you will watch these and that they will convict bless you as much as they did me.

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21 Years…

21 years…today! Through good times and tough times. Through having and not having. Through raising three to two to one. Through a house to an apartment to a tiny RV to an unfinished house. Through sorrow and joy. Through tears and laughter. On motorcycles and off. Through different locations and fellowships, but always with the L-rd! Through health ups and downs.

We have been married for 21 years today. It was one of the best decisions of my life that I made 21 years, 2 months and 8 days ago while sitting on Greyhound Rock at the beach on the California Coast.

Thank You, Abba, for this wonderful gift that You gave to me in Dave. You have blessed me beyond measure. Yes, there have been some very challenging times, but they have made us stronger and drawn us closer to You and to one another!

Toda raba, Avinu! Toda raba, Dave!

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Israel celebrates 67 years after its dramatic, prophetic rebirth. A few thoughts to mark the occasion.


Hallelu Yah!

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:

israel(Central Israel) — Today, Israelis are celebrating our Independence Day. On the Western calendar, we remember May 14th, 1948. But on the Jewish calendar, today marks 67 years since the dramatic, prophetic rebirth of the Jewish State.

A few thoughts to mark the occasion:

It’s a very special time for our family as it’s our first time celebrating as new Israeli citizens (“Olim Chadashim”) and actually living here full-time in the epicenter. Today, Lynn showed me this video about some of the things new Israelis love about this country. Take a look — I hope you’re as moved as we were.

It’s a great time to see the Land with family and friends. We would love for you to make plans to come visit Israel — and Jordan — with us and The Joshua Fund this Octoberso we can show you the Promised Land and the people who live and minister here and help you see…

View original 2,261 more words

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Gearing Up to Wind Down and Then Wind Back Up

We are gearing up for graduation here at Beit-Shalom. Our youngest is soon to be out of high school, which will lead to things winding down for us. Until then, though, we have a lot of work to do and preparations to make.

I have been looking forward to this day and there were times when I wondered if I would make it. The task at hand seemed enormous and I know that life ahead looks enormous to him. He has to decide how he will spend the rest of his life and who he will serve. As Bob Dylan wrote in his song, “you’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

After the graduation, I will have more time and energy to devote to some other things. I will continue to learn Hebrew and study the Bible. I am starting classes on becoming a Life Coach. Even if I don’t become an official Life Coach, I figure the classes will still help me to help others. It is something I have thought for many years. I am also signed up for Herbalism 101, another interest I have had for a while.

Beit-Shalom is still unfinished, but Abba has His plan for it and while do whatever He is going to do in His time. We just do bits and pieces as we can. Dave is working on the bathtub enclosure, along with the driveway and the creek crossing and his walking stick and a class on Creation/Evolution and a myriad of other things. Life is not dull or boring here!

Will I have more time to write? Possibly. I hope so.

For now, may the L-rd bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He lift up His countenance to you and give you Shalom.

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