Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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Father, forgive them…


For an audio message on this topic, click the link below.

Father, forgive them

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Prayer Feb 11, 2018

Avinu, You see, You hear, You know.

What a HUGE comfort that is.

We rest in Your capable hands, knowing our names are written on Your palms.

We trust You to do what is best and to get us through the trials of this life.

We surrender to Your will…even when we do not understand it or like it.

We anticipate the world to come and the return of Mashiach.

We soak in Your love.

We are filled with Your Ruach.

We declare that we are in Your kingdom, that You are our G-d and we will bow down to and serve no other…whether a false god, person or thing.

We accept Your provision and trust You to help us make the most of it.

We choose to walk in obedience to Your ways.

We choose to walk in Your Light along Your narrow path.

We allow You to show us where we are wrong in our thinking so that our minds may be renewed by the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We desire to show You and Your Light to those still living in darkness and we trust You to open the doors for us to do so.

We will strengthen the weak and walk with the weary and ask You to open our eyes to recognize them in their need.

We know Your Word is true and living and sharper than any two edged sword and we trust it to excise out of our hearts any remaining darkness for where Your Light is darkness must flee. So, Avinu, if there are any strongholds in our lives, any darkness in our minds or hearts, we invite You to through it out.

Train our spirits for battle for our battle is not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities and wickedness in high places.

May we reach across our differences with the hand of reconciliation and love.

May we keep ourselves unstained by the ways of the world.

Purify us. Help us to prepare ourselves to be that spotless bride, submitting to Your hands as the clay is to the hands of the potter. Be our Potter!

You are good…perfect, beautiful, glorious, powerful, all-encompassing…beyond anything we can fully know or understand. Yet, one day, we will know as we are known. I am in awe of that idea. I cannot imagine it.

We bow down and we worship You, O L-RD, G-D of heaven and earth, AD-NAI t’zavaot!

Bless each one here. Meet every need. Show Yourself mighty on their behalves.


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Would it not be strange…

Sir John Templeton quote

Would it not be strange if a universe without purpose accidentally created humans who are so obsessed with purpose?
~Sir John Templeton

Indeed it would! Don’t you think? Feel free to comment!

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Lord willing & the creek don’t rise!

Van & flooded creek crossing

Van & flooded creek crossing

This gives real meaning to the expression “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”!

This is what happens a few times a year. This photo is from a recent storm. It can happen from either a lot of rain in a short period or from a combination of rain and snow melt.

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Simply Praise, Love & Gratitude 1-19-2018

Avinu, You said You would never abandon us.
Yeshua said He would never leave us or forsake us.
We have Your Ruach HaKodesh within us.
We know Your words are sure and You are faithful.
Avinu, we Your children, are still waiting upon You.
We are waiting for loved ones to be saved.
We are waiting on provisions to be made.
We are waiting on healing to be manifest…whether in this life or the ultimate healing in the next.
We are choosing to exercise the power of Your Ruach.
We are choosing to remain faithful to You even in the difficulties of life.
We are choosing to be thankful in trials and for trials.
We are choosing to love You above all else and everyone else.
We are choosing to praise You…no matter what.
We are choosing to keep our eyes and hearts focused on You…no matter if it is calm or if a fierce storm rages around us.
We choose YOU!
Thank You, Avinu, for the many blessings You give…blessings we seldom, if ever, really deserve.
Thank You for Your forgiveness and for Yeshua’s payment for the debt of our sinfulness and the death we deserve.
Thank You for the unseen blessings You give us every day.
May we truly love You with ALL our heart, ALL our soul, ALL our mind, ALL our resources.
May we truly love our neighbor as ourselves…and especially those who challenge us the most. May we allow Your love to flow through us.
Give us, please, Your heart and Your words for others.
We love You.
We thank You.
We praise You.
Below is a photo of a deer bedded down outside my office window early this morning. She is hard to see with the brush (and a dirty window, which is now cleaned). I am really surprised she bedded down. She was eating and they usually bed down at night, but there she is!
20180119_074445_edited-1 4x6
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The “Hugs” of God

Ever been “hugged” by God? You probably have, but just didn’t know it. We were “hugged” three times in one day.

Thursday morning, Dave had an appointment with his pain doctor. Again, the van would not start, but this is how we see the hand (hug) of God. We allowed two hours to get there, more than we really needed. However, on top of that, when I got up in the morning I kept thinking we had to leave additional hour earlier. It is not that I thought we needed three hours, but that the two hours meant we had to leave at 10:40 instead of 11:40. The mistake proved to be providential when the van would not start.

We were able to call for someone to help us. They brought us their truck and loaned it to us for a couple of days. That whole incident is the first “hug”…the time mistake and the truck loan.

We plan to try and jump start the van and take it to get a new battery. The whole van not starting out of the blue has been driving us nuts, but we suspect the battery ‘may’ be the issue. We are praying it is since that would be an easy fix and fairly inexpensive. The battery did test good, though, so we really don’t know.

The second “hug” came later at Five Guys. Our budget is really tight, but there is a Five Guys near Dave’s appointment, so we decided to go get just fries. We each ordered a regular, but a young woman kindly told us that one large was cheaper and, basically, equaled two regulars. She suggested buying one large and offered to put it in two regular cups, so that is what we did.

We happened to sit where I could could see the orders being filled. I noticed the guy filling a large cup and thought he must have forgotten what she said. But then I saw other things going into the bag and figured it must have a phone in order. Next I know, he comes over with THREE bags. He gives one to Dave, one to me and explains that the third bag has toppings in it. In each of our bags, he had put a Planet Burger! And the fries? Each bag was like a large plus order of fries.

I asked him how this could be. They just wanted to bless us. I don’t know if they have any idea how much they blessed us. We did try to tell them. Dave even told the guy before we left that, in Christian circles, when someone is blessed like that it is like being hugged by God and thanked him for “hugging” us. He was very touched and then reached out and hugged Dave for real. I told them when we left that we prayed God would bless them. All of that was the second “hug”.

But wait! There’s more! Dave was in Aldi’s. I was so exhausted I waited in the truck while he ran in real quick to get green bananas. He was in line and the woman ahead of him noticed he was a veteran and thanked him for his service. They got to talking and she shared that her son had served in Iraq. Dave told her he knew how hard that had to be and she said she was just grateful to get him back all in one piece. They they said “goodbye”.

Dave stepped up and offered his credit card to the clerk. He said it was not necessary. She had paid for his bananas. He looked around for her when he came outside, but she was already gone. That was the third “hug”.

You know, sometimes in life, especially when things are challenging, we really need those extra little things (and sometimes big things) that remind us our Creator is there and that He loves us and is watching out for us. If he can prompt people to offer a truck, gives us lunch and pay for our bananas, can He not also take care of the other challenges we are facing? Yes, He can!

So, we received three “hugs” from God in one day through people who acted on the prompting of their hearts. They may not all have known they were vessels of His mercy and love, but that is OK. We know every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father. He is good.

I encourage you to look for His “hugs” every day…whether larger or small. They are there and I truly believe you will see them if you look for them.

Below is our frozen over creek. It is truly beautiful!

20180103_131100 4x6 SIG

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When we fret…

When we fret and worry, we are forgetting one or both of two things.

One, how mighty our Creator really is and how able to accomplish all things according to His will and plan.

Two, how much He loves us and is working in our lives and circumstances for our ultimate good.

No matter how bleak things may look, our Creator IS watching over us and leading us and guiding us.

Below is a photo of a lake near us that flows into the Ohio River. Normally, it would not be that frozen over, but we have had some really cold weather this winter. Since we heat with wood, that could cause us to fret. We do not have a really big supply, but we know God will get us through the winter.

Enjoy the photo!

20180103_130512 4x6_sig

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Time is winding down…

Many specific prophecies in the Bible have come true. Some are yet to come.
People, no of us knows how many days we have left. Our days are numbered for each one of us. When the end comes, that’s it.
This whole world’s days are also numbered. When its end comes, that’s it.
There is a prophetic calendar in the Bible. I know many people don’t like to hear this. They grow tired of hearing about it and no wonder. Over the years people who have read their own interpretation into the Bible, while picking the verses they want and ignoring others, have incorrectly said “the end is near”.
I do not know how near the end we are. I am not going to set a date. What I do know is there is an overall calendar and every single day the final day draws closer. There are events that have been foretold that have yet to be fulfilled. But once they start happening, the rest will happen in fairly fast succession. That is in the Bible…where we already have fulfilled prophecies.
Please don’t let your heart become hardened to this reality just because some people have foolishly set dates or promoted books with gimmicks and so on. Study it for yourself.
Remember, regardless of how long this world has, you do not know how long YOU have. Your life could end at any time. Make sure you are on right terms with our Creator…YOUR Creator. Don’t falsely assume He has not made Himself known. He has.
Seek Him now with all your heart, soul and mind. Have questions? Contact me using the contact tab above. I will respond as soon as I can. 
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In the Storms of Life…

In the storms, I choose to praise my Creator and be thankful regardless of what happens in this life. This life is not my permanent life. This current world is not my permanent home.
I am being prepared for the world to come and the life to come. I am keeping my eye on the prize…an eternity to be in up close, in person, face to face relationship with my Creator in a renewed world where there is no longer sin and death and all the other things we brought upon ourselves when we broke from our Creator’s ways.
It was a simple rule set out in Gan Eden…the Garden of Eden. One rule, yet humankind broke it. Now, we have to have more rules to guide us in this world suffering from the consequences of our actions.
I am thankful for the Spirit of my Creator who helps me to walk in His ways and for His forgiveness when I fail. I am thankful for Mashiach/Messiah who paid the penaltly of my failures, my sin, my “missing the mark”. He paid a debt I could never pay.
I am grateful.
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נחמיה Nechemyah/Nehemia 1:1


Have questions? Just ask!

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