Why you need copy editors and proofreaders… and regarding ads

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

By the way, I know there are ads showing on my blog. I have no control over them or over their content.

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Overwhelming world…

Dear Creator,

There is so much pain and suffering in the world. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all. I want to stop it… all of it, but I can’t. What I can do, though, is pray for all and then look around me to see what I can do in my little corner of the world.

I pray I never neglect what I can do locally because of what I cannot do globally.

May I always have my heart, my spirit, and my eyes open to see what I can do right around me.

Who can I help? Whose life can I impact in a positive way, L-rd? Please show me every day how I can make a difference in my area.

When I feel overwhelmed, please remind me Your shoulders are big enough to carry all that is going on and You have many people to work through… not just me/us. Help me to remember You only ask of me to take care of the ones I can, not the ones I cannot.

Please bless all who read here.

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Something big…

There is something big going on in the world for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The evidence is all around you if you are willing to seek it out. There is a plan and there is a counterplan. The epic battle. We are coming close to the end of this battle, which will give us an indicator of how close we are to “the end”. How much time do we have left? I don’t know. I am not a prophet. I only have my eyes open.

This immediate battle will end in one of two ways. Either the plan will work and it will throw the world into a oneness of governance and control… a time we do not want to live in.

Or, the counterplan will work, which will only buy us some time. If the counterplan works, there will come a time of less war (when they cry, “peace, safety”?) and prosperity, of health and an end to most trafficking and most drug addictions and a different kind of oneness in society. It will be a good time, but temporary.

I tend to believe the counter plan will work if only because we need that time of “peace, safety”.

But, the most important thing about this, however it turns out, it will be a time (as it is always a time) to evaluate our relationship with the One True G-d… the Creator… the G-D of the Bible. It is not a light thing.

There are those who think the Bible has been disproven. They could not be more wrong. Message me. I am more than willing to discuss it with anyone and to show you how it is proven reliable.

Don’t be caught by surprise. Major changes are coming. You can see it, again, if you look for it… if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. And, it was all foretold. The Creator told us what the “end” would look like. Yeshua told us what the end would look like… the time of his return. Don’t ignore what is around you. Take advantage of the fact that this “lockdown” has been providing you with less “noise” to distract you.

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Clearing out the clutter…

I am trying to clear the clutter in my home/workshop. Well, to be more specific, I am trying to clear the clutter in my office in said home. The clutter elsewhere is pretty much, well, not mine.

The mice periodically decide they are going to use my files for nest material. Ugh! So, I am trying to get rid of old papers I really don’t need anymore. My Real Estate Broker brother-in-law tells me I don’t need to hang onto the mortgage papers from the house we sold in 2005. Yay!

For some time now, I have been sorting through belongings and books, clothing (especially since I lost so much weight). Another yay! Now, I am working on papers. I want to get the really important gotta keep stuff in either plastic file boxes (if I need to keep them handy) or in cardboard boxes on high shelves if I need them shorter term. Maybe I will use those filing cabinets for something else.

But there is another kind of sorting I have also been doing… the clutter of my thinking. How many old thought patterns do I hang onto? How many old ideas about people or places or groups or things or spiritual ideas? Am I hanging onto old associations that may not be healthy for me?

What about my lifestyle? Am I trying to cram too many things into my life? Am I keeping myself too busy, just like I keep my filing cabinets too full? How can I have room for the new and wonderful if I am living with all the old and time consuming?

It is something to think about and something I believe I should stay on top of on a regular basis. My goal is to keep my office and (eventually) home decluttered. I also want to keep my thinking and my lifestyle decluttered.

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Grief Can Make You Sick…

One of the things that has really come home for me lately is that grief can make you sick. I know I’ve read of studies that show grieving is stressful and stress impacts our immune system, which, of course, makes us more susceptible to illness. Proverbs 17:22b But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

There are studies that show that sick patients who watched funny movies and videos compared to a control group that watched only serious types of things heal much more quickly. This is shown in the first half of the same verse. Pro 17:22a A joyful heart is good medicine.

So, we know laughter and joy can be healing and we know grief and sadness can help make us sick.

And let’s not forget the power of prayer. They did studies where groups of people were praying for particular patients. none of the patients or the doctors knew which patients were being prayed for and which were not. The patients were selected on the similarities of their conditions and their likelihood to heal. They tried to make it so that all things were as even as possible other than that one single aspect of whether they were prayed for or not. Those who were paid for healed more quickly then those who were not. You can’t call it a placebo effect because nobody knew who was being prayed for except for the people who set it up. Not the patients. Not the doctors. Not the nurses. Not the families of the patients. Not even those praying since the patients were designated by numbers for privacy.

So our health can be impacted by joy, by sadness, by stress, by prayer.

It’s the sadness part of this that prompted this post. I recently became sick. It’s not very often I get sick anymore. I have had to rebuild my body after some very, very stressful years that affected my adrenal system. But I really recovered a lot from that and then all of a sudden got sick. But what happened when I got sick? What was going on in my life at that time? I think it’s important to note that.

Right before I got sick I was going through a week or two of extremely high stress. One issue had to do with a job I knew I could do well and wanted, but which would have impacted another aspect of my life which I also wanted. So, I was trying to find a way to make the two worlds come together and I had to let the job prospect go. While that was stressful and did make me sad, there was a much greater struggle going on… one that brought me to tears more than once, especially when combined with the job struggle.

I was wrestling with a misunderstanding between me and the leaders of a group I really love. My husband and I had been long-distance members of the group for several years and had even considered the possibility of moving down there to be closer to them. The details are not important. What is important is that there was a huge misunderstanding that I was unable to clear up and even my husband becoming involved didn’t clear it up. So, during that time of trying to clear it up I had many times of tears. It was extremely stressful and I got sick. And then, while I was sick, we were, in so many words, told to leave. This was a huge loss and really had me in a lot of grief.

Making the decision to accept things as they are and move on was not easy, but it was necessary. I have regained my pre-sickness health status. But I’ve also noticed something. We can make the decision to move on, but that does not mean grief doesn’t rear its head. Just as in the loss of a loved one, there are things that happen that remind us of the person, or in this case the group, and of the loss. This triggers more grief and understandably so.

I’ve noticed that, when I start to grieve again, I start to feel unwell again. Grief takes its toll on the body. But stuffing what we feel also takes its toll. That, too, has been studied and proven. So, sometimes we’re in a “caught between” kind of situation. Whether we grieve or we stuff the grief, we are under stress.

So, what should we do? I believe, for myself, it is better to acknowledge the grief, cry and let it out and then move on. I think the key is to not allow myself to be stuck in ongoing grief. My body can handle a certain amount of stress, including the stress of grief. What I can’t handle is deep ongoing grief. So, while I may have to revisit it again and again, I don’t have to live in it.

I think it’s also important to point out that diet and lifestyle are also important. If I’m not eating properly and I’m not getting enough rest, that will also tank my immune system and make me susceptible to illness. Plus, if you add a grief on top of that, I’m even more vulnerable to getting sick. I made the mistake of staying up very late the other night to finish a project. That wasn’t too smart since I could have just finished it the next day. Sure enough, during that next day when I was overtired, I saw some things that reminded me again of the loss I have experienced with that group. I could feel the grief affecting my physical body.

If I get nothing else out of this, I am learning that I have to be really diligent about taking care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and, especially, spiritually. For me, a huge key to handling grief is to accept that God knows what He’s doing. There are things that were revealed through this experience that causes me to think it’s a good thing that we’re no longer part of this group. It also opens up other doors for us that we might not have considered otherwise. Those doors are looking pretty exciting.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens that God does not either cause or allow. What He causes and what He allows He uses for good. Even when we are acting outside of His desire and will for us, He will still use it to teach us, to grow us, to show us something important. So, will I learn the lesson? Will I allow myself to be shaped and molded by His hand? Will I learn to rest in Him, trusting that what I want to hold onto so tightly is something He doesn’t want me to have? Will I trust He has something different for us and maybe even better? Those are all key questions for me to ponder.

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Are We Living in Today?

As I sit here pondering all that is happening in the world today, especially with COVID-19, I have to ask myself some important questions.

Am I living life to the fullest? Or am I just floating through?

Am I making the most of the time I have? Or am I squandering it on unimportant things?

Am I focusing on what is truly important?

Do I even know what is truly important?

Am I focusing on people? Or on things? Or on events? Where should my focus be?

These are questions we may all answer differently. We live in a variety of places and circumstances. We don’t all have the same calling or the same gifts and capabilities. But answer we should!

Are you taking life seriously? Are you thinking about how fragile life is? Are you making the most of life?

We cannot change yesterday. We don’t know if we have tomorrow and, even if we do have it, we cannot live tomorrow today.

So… are we living in today? And are we thinking about what comes after this life? That, it seems to me, is the single more important question of all to answer.

Think about it.

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Being Needed

We all have a need to be needed, to know we are important to someone, to feel useful. We are designed to live in community. The whole idea of community is that we are interdependent. We help one another, each one with their own strengths helping those who have different strengths. We give and we receive.

It is a horrible feeling to be isolated and outside of the community. When we feel alone and unimportant, it can kill us inside unless we draw our sense of importance and worth from some source other than the community, from some source that cannot be taken from us.

Ultimately, we need to know who we are in the Creator. Only the Creator can give us eternal worth, unchanging worth. Only the Creator can love us perfectly, in spite of all our mess-ups. Only the Creator is 100% reliable. People will let us down. The Creator will not. However, we must have a proper understanding of the nature of our relationship with the Creator. Otherwise, it can appear He is letting us down, when He is not.

Think of the Creator like a parent. There are times a parent has to say, “no” to the child. The child is upset and does not like being denied. Did the parent let the child down? Well, only in the child’s mind. In reality, the parent may have saved the child a lot of grief as the parent, with greater understanding and knowledge than the child, could see how what the child wanted could hurt the child… if not in the immediate, perhaps in the long term. It is the same with the Creator. He is a loving Father who wants to give good things to His children, but who also knows way better than His children (us) what is truly good for them.

For those of us who had abusive parents, thinking of the Creator as being a loving parent can be very challenging. But it is worth working on moving past those old messages. For, when we do, we open our lives and hearts to a whole new way of living and experiencing love. We can become secure in our relationship with the Creator without relying upon people to feed our sense of worth.

It is my hope and prayer you are able to do this!

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Dear G-D April 3, 2020

Dear G-D,

I cannot even begin to comprehend Your love for us. You shema (hear and listen to) every single voice. And You pay special attention to the ones that cries out to You. It doesn’t matter how great or how small the voice is.

You know intimately every heart in the world, from the beginning of time until the end of time. How can this be?

You know every plan of humankind, both for good and for evil. You put things in place to bring us closer to You.

I am in awe of You… of who You are… of what You are. I am humbled.

Thank You for this amazing love I cannot comprehend.

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