Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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Ki Tavo

Love Israel Connection


A peaceful scene from Eilat, Israel, taken by me this past Tuesday.

Here is a commentary on this week’s Torah Portion, written by Baruch.  Blessings and Shabbat Shalom!

Parashat Ki Tavo (When you come) Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8

Haftarah: Isaiah 60:1-22

In this week’s Torah portion Moses foretells Israel’s entrance into the Promised Land and an important ritual which the Children of Israel will go through. This ritual involved the 12 tribes standing on two mountains: Mount Grizim and Mount Ehval. Mount Grizim is associated with Blessing, while Mount Ehval is connected to the Curse. What is interesting is why Shimon, Levi, Yehuda, Issachar, Yosef and Binyamin are commanded to stand on Mount Grizim; while Reuven, Gad, Asher, Zebulun, Dan and Naftali are ordered to Mount Ehval.

The first six tribes mentioned in this passage all came from either Leah or Rachel. These two women were part of Abraham’s family. Abraham is…

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Are we winning the war on ISIS & Radical Islam? The President says yes. The experts say no. Here’s a 9-page fact sheet laying out the data.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


(Washington, D.C.) — Fifteen years after the United States was attacked by Osama bin Laden and the jihadists of al Qaeda, a mere 27% of Americans believe we are safer from the threat of terrorism today than we were on 9/11.

Remarkably, fully seven-in-ten Americans believe we are not safer, or aren’t sure, according to a new Rasmussen poll released this week.

These are stunning numbers, especially when you consider the fact that President Obama and senior administration officials keep telling us that the most dangerous terror force on the planet — the Islamic State — has been “contained” and that ISIS is “losing” and that “we are winning” the war on ISIS.

Clearly, Americans don’t feel like we’re winning. And sadly, they’re right.

Over the last month, I’ve been reviewing all manner of data, trying to understand why the administration keeps claiming that we’re winning. But any way you slice it, the…

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While the U.S. & Israel signed an “historic” 10-year military aid deal today, not everyone is happy. I had lunch with Sen. Lindsey Graham to discuss his concerns.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

mou-signingsept2016joel-withsengraham2UPDATE: More details from the Washington Post on the Obama administration’s efforts to prevent Congress from doing its Constitutionally-mandated role in annual budgets.

(Washington, D.C.) –During NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum last week, Hillary Clinton  vowed never to send U.S. ground troops into Iraq or Syria under any circumstances, no matter how seriously American interests or our allies such as Israel or Jordan were threatened.

Clinton also said she strongly supports President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, even though it puts the ayatollahs on a legal pathway to build nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles, provides Tehran with at least $100 billion, and removes economic sanctions.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, insists he would be a better far President and continues to say he is staunchly pro-Israel. But during this campaign he has said he would be “neutral” in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. He also said he would make all U.S. allies — specifically including Israel — “pay big…

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Psalm 27 Part 2

I have only one thing I truly desire:
     and oh how poorly do I live it out!

To dwell in Your house, O L-rd
     all the days of my life,
          gazing on Your beauty
               and seeking You - Your presence.

But I am a woman who struggles
     with self-discipline
          and my other desires
               can crowd You out so easily.

I want You to conceal me in Your shelter,
     protect me in the storms of life
          that buffet me from every side.

I want to be in the cover of Your tent,
     set high on a rock so that
          I am above my enemies,
               above my troubles.

Please give me the energy to offer my
     sacrifices with joy,
          to sing and make music to You!
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Guarding the Name

Michael Bugg has written an excellent explanation for why some people use a hyphen or dash when writing the word “G-d”.

I want to share with you what he wrote. You can see my comment below his post. Guarding the Name

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Devastation and Brokenness

Some good thoughts about how we deal with what happens to us in this life. Been there. These are words of wisdom. Sometimes, though, it is not as easy to do as it is to say (or write). If you need help, contact someone to help you. Keep reaching out until you find someone. Oftentimes, it is just that we need someone to listen and help show us where there is light in the midst of the darkness.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Image result for isaiah 61

Devastation and brokenness…
occurs many times in our lives.
But it’s our choice…
whether we succumb or strive.
For the pits are deep and dark…
that we can fall in and stay…
or we can climb from the ashes…
to overcome each new day.

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Blessings to You 9-12-2016

May you be blessed all the day long…all the week long.

Remember that our Creator sees you and what is happening with you.

The wicked seem to be getting away with a lot, but there WILL come a time of reckoning!

Nothing happens that our Creator does not either allow or cause. He never causes evil, but He does allow it to happen.

Then He takes it and turns it for our good. Oftentimes, that is hard to see, especially when it is happening.

But trust Him. He is refining you and working things out in you…things you may not even know need working!

And He is working in those around you, too.

Perhaps, your patience in suffering is the Light that someone else needs to see in order to know that He is real!

Keep focusing on Him, dear brothers and sisters!

Trust that He IS working things out…for an eternal reward far beyond anything we could ever receive here!

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Where Is My Responsibility?

I AM responsible for my attitudes and how I respond to people and situations.

I AM NOT responsible for what other people think or believe…whether it is about me, the world or anything else.

I AM responsible to seek out truth and to share that truth when appropriate.

I AM NOT responsible for getting other people to change their beliefs or thinking.

I AM responsible to pray for them.

I AM responsible for my walk with our Creator.

I AM NOT responsible for others’ walks with our Creator.

I AM responsible for encouraging others as best I can and lifting them up as best I can.

I AM NOT responsible for “fixing” others.

I AM responsible for helping people and treating them as I would want to be treated if I were in that situation.

I AM NOT responsible for paying the debt of my sin. Thankfully, that has been done by Yeshua on my behalf.

I AM responsible for walking in the ways of my Creator and not purposefully adding to my sins. My L-rd paid a high enough price. Why would I want to add anything to that?

I AM responsible for obeying, as best I can, the commands of Yeshua. Since He wrote the whole bible, that means it all applies! When Paul said to study the scriptures and that all scripture is profitable for instruction and correction, the only scriptures available were the OT Hebrew scriptures (albeit also translated into Greek).

I have been very blessed and I will keep on looking at what my role is as opposed to G-d’s role. Rabbi Baruch brought that up from this week’s Torah portion. See:  Parashat Shoftim!

I am also doing a lot of soul searching in preparation for the Fall High Holy Days…the moedim (appointed times) that point forward to Messiah’s coming. This is a time of year to reflect on where I have been spiritually and where I am going. What has been good and what not so good. What do I need to strengthen and what do I need to relinquish.

We are all on a spiritual journey. I am so glad you are on it with me. Please feel free to comment.

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Parashat Shoftim

Thoughts from Rabbi Baruch on this week’s parshah. Shoftim.

Love Israel Connection


Here is a commentary from Baruch on this week’s Parasha:

Parashat Shoftim (Judges) Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9

Haftarah: Isaiah 51:12-52:12

One of my favorite verses is found in the book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes). There one reads,

“…for not to the swift is the race, and not to the heroes is the war, and also not to the wise is the bread, and also not to the intelligent is the wealth, and also not to the knowledgeable is the favor…” Kohelet 9:11

This verse shows that there are exceptions to the prevailing expectations of man. What causes these exceptions? The answer is the providence of HaShem. In this week’s Torah portion, warfare is discussed. Often times when Israel went out to battle, she was outnumbered or her enemies possessed greater weapons. In other words, Israel would need every soldier that was possible. This would be the prevailing expectation of the people…

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A big, new, 10-year military aid deal between the US & Israel was supposed to be done by now. Where is it? Here are two possibilities.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


With the Middle East on fire, both the American people and the people of Israel face real and growing threats.

Syria continues to implode. Iraq is a disaster. The Islamic State keeps launching barbaric attacks throughout the region, as well as in Europe and is trying to pull off a major attack inside the U.S. Meanwhile, Iran is on the path towards building nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.

Now more than ever it’s vital to strengthen and expand the security alliance between the U.S. and Israel. Yet there’s a glitch.

All summer long, observers of this special alliance have been expecting a formal announcement that the Netanyahu government has accepted a new 10-year military aid package offered by President Obama.

Yet the summer has come and gone, and no announcement has been forthcoming.


The broad contours of the new “Memorandum of Understanding” between the two countries were already publicly known last February, and it was believed a deal…

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