Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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Love Israel Connection

picSaturday night was our Live Stream.  Thank you to all who joined us.  At the beginning of the Live Stream, Baruch shared about the plight of the Eritrean refugees here in Israel.  He mentioned that we would give more information concerning them and how you can help.

According to the Israeli government’s statistics, at the start of 2017 there were 40,274 African refugees in Israel, Out of this number, 29,014 are Eritreans.

The Eritreans here in Israel are Christians (98%).  They fled Eritrea because they have been forced into indefinite military service which is like slavery, there is no religious freedom, and those who dissent are jailed and tortured or killed.

They have come to Israel because Christian refugees are not safe in Muslim countries.  Israel is the closest friend to the Christian people.

There are undeniably problems with the treatment of Eritreans refugees in Israel.  Almost all are given…

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Poor Theology

Important for John Piper followers to read! Another example of poor theology.

Love Israel Connection


Written by Baruch.

Recently, Rivka showed me a post on a friend’s Facebook page. The post originated from John Piper’s Desiring God website. I feel I must disclose that I believe that John Piper is theologically very dangerous. His methodology for interpreting Scripture is highly flawed. I have a few examples of this on our website LoveIsrael.org. For example, in a dialogue with David Brickner from Jews for Jesus, Mr. Piper used the term, the New Palestine. Biblically, one should use the term the New Jerusalem. Mr. Piper has demonstrated an anti-Israel position that strongly misrepresents the verses he provides as support for his views. Below is a link to my response to his article on Israel and Palestine:


The post which I saw was based on a November 26 article from desiringgod.com.  It was a brief article, entitled “Jesus Prays for Us”.

The primary Scripture…

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Think About It … November 29, 2017

Mat 18:5-6 “And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me;
but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

Think about how the heart of our Creator must break when the very people He created for a love relationship with Him destroy their own. We have abortion, starving & dehydrating the disabled, killing our elderly & the mentally/emotionally struggling. We have bullying, sex trafficking, adultery & all kinds of sexual misconduct. There are so many other things I could list in our war against ourselves.

It boggles my mind that we have reached this place in life.

It helps, though, to remember we have a spiritual adversary as the driving force behind all this. But even that adversary could not pull this off if all of us focused on our Creator and on walking in His ways out of love for Him.

It really is about love, isn’t it? Our Creator’s love for us. Our love for our Creator. Our love for one another…even for those we don’t like or who don’t think like us. Real love. With safe boundaries. Recognizing the gift each one of us is and has. If we all were able to do that and raise our children with that, we would not have so many of the problems we have in our world today.


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Think About It – 11-28-17

Our Creator loves us…even when we do not give love back…even when we give hate back. He loves us even when we are being very unlovely. That is amazing to me. He created us out of love and wants to be in communion with us…in intimate relationship with us.
When it says He is a “jealous” God, what it is really saying is that, just as a faithful husband does not want his wife going after other men, God does not want us going after other “gods”…after false gods.
Shouldn’t we love our Creator back? Shouldn’t we be faithful back?
Shouldn’t we also follow that example and love others whether they love us back or not? In fact, we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is the second greatest commandment after loving God first.
It is not just talking about those who live around us. It is talking about everyone…just as the Good Samaritan who interrupted his journey and bound up the wounds of his injured enemy and cared for him, even to the degree of taking him to an inn and paying for his care while he continued on his journey.
Should we not live in the same way?
Love our Creator. Love our fellow human beings.
How different the world would be if we all did those two things…if we truly loved God and others.
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Being Thankful…

Sometimes life goes so smoothly we forget to be thankful. And, sometimes, think really hit you…literally…and you are thankful!

I am thankful the branch that fell on on my husband’s shoulder did not hit his head, which could have killed him or seriously injured his neck causing paralysis and who knows what all else.

I am thankful he had an appointment with his pain doctor the next day.

I am thankful his pain doctor (who is always a sweetheart) gave him his regular treatment for the other side and then for FREE gave him treatment to release his muscle from the spasm it was locked in as a result of the blow. (Veteran’s Choice program only allows docs to give pre-approved treatments. He would have had to have gone to the VA and been checked out there and then sent back to the pain doc…who is so booked you cannot get in right away.) So, I am VERY grateful for his care and generosity!

And I am thankful for the blessings of our Creator, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who obviously still has work for Dave to do in this life.

I do not believe in coincidence, but in Divine Incidence. It was no accident that this accident happened the day before his regular appointment.

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Think About It…What do YOU think?

Some decisions in life are just plain hard. Sometimes, neither option really seems to be best. But, if we shy away from those hard decisions, how will we grow?
I think it is worth it to wrestle in prayer about hard choices…about serious choices. I also believe we will be blessed in our decision when we truly try to understand what God wants from/for us in the situation. And even if we inadvertently make the wrong choice, He will still walk us through it.
Sometimes, it is not so much about the particular choice as it is about growing in understanding and drawing nearer to Him.
What do you think?
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May all who come here…

May all who come here find blessing.
May they find encouragement.
May they find something to carry with them through their day.
May they find themselves closer to our Creator…experiencing His love ever more deeply.
May they find courage for the spiritual battle.

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Gratitude 11-9-2017

I am thankful for:

clear skies
cloudy skies
gray skies
thunder and lightning in the skies
sunrise skies
sunset skies
All skies!

The sky is such an amazing piece of artwork. It has so many forms and colors and shades. What an awesome artist we have in our Creator!

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Think About It…November 9, 2017

Rom 8:28-32 CJB Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose; (29) because those whom he knew in advance, he also determined in advance would be conformed to the pattern of his Son, so that he might be the firstborn among many brothers; (30) and those whom he thus determined in advance, he also called; and those whom he called, he also caused to be considered righteous; and those whom he caused to be considered righteous he also glorified! (31) What, then, are we to say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (32) He who did not spare even his own Son, but gave him up on behalf of us all — is it possible that, having given us his Son, he would not give us everything else too?

What is the “everything else”? Look at the context! He gave His Son! Therefore, He also gave us being called, conformed to the pattern/image of His son, considered righteous and glorified! Woohoo! Can it really get any better than that?

He also causes everything to work together for our good IF we love Him and are called according to His purpose. What is His purpose? Isn’t it always the renewing of His people and His creation…being made ready for His kingdom…having an intimate relationship with Him? Read the whole bible and you will see His purpose all throughout.

Think about it!

May you be blessed today!

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Think About It…Moral Law

If there is no moral law giver that is transcendent to you and me, there is no moral law outside of what we make for ourselves. When the laws we each make conflict, who gets to decide which is correct? Who or what is the arbiter?
That’s the problem with having no transcendent moral law giver. We each do what is right In our own minds. Sadly, some think it is right kill people. But we cannot complain if all that exists came about through random chance.
No moral law giver means no moral law. No moral law means no good or evil.
Think about it. There is no way to explain the nonmaterial via materialism or naturalism. The very fact that we are appalled at, and even recognize, evil is a very strong argument for a transcendent law giver… for a Creator.
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