Why you need copy editors and proofreaders… and regarding ads

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

By the way, I know there are ads showing on my blog. I have no control over them or over their content.

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A coup?

Whether you believe there is a coup taking place or not, this post is for you. If you believe there is one taking place, regardless of who you believe is running it, this post is for you.

Are you prepared for what is coming? We are in the midst of a war…a real war. We have an enemy that has been infiltrating our nation for decades. It has infiltrated our colleges and universities, our judicial system, our federal and state governments. They include governors and mayors and judges. They also include our national security agencies…you know…the three letter agencies.

The goal has been to turn us all against one another. This is not about Democrat vs Republican, man vs. woman, rich vs. poor, color against color, although that is what they want us to believe. It is American vs China. American vs. Deep State. Amercican vs spies.

America, you need to pay attention. The enemy is not at our gates…it is IN the house! Stop looking at your neighbor and fellow American as the enemy. BLM and Antifa are your enemy. Communists are your enemy. Big tech is your enemy. Legacy media is your enemy. 3 letter agencies are your enemy.

Please, research it out. Avoid Google search. Use duckduckgo and other independent search engines. Do not watch or listen to legacy (mainstream) media. Go to independent citizen journalist sites for your news. Newsmax, OANN (One America News Network), Epoch Times. Don’t go to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They are clamping down with censorship. Go to Rumble, Brighteon, Gab, Parler, MeWe, CloudHub, etc. Do not give big tech your business or your info.

Most of all, pray! We are in a spiritual battle that is manifesting in the physical realm. Never forget that. Keep your eyes on G-D, for He is the one fighting our battles. We do our part and watch Him do His.

Shalom! Shalom! Peace unto you!

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Thinking of Loved Ones

This is the time of year when it is natural to think more about loved ones, especially those who are far away. It is never easy moving away from family and other people we love, yet sometimes that is just the way life is. Sometimes, YHWH has a plan for us that is different then the one we may have for ourselves.

I guess the biggest question is…how will we respond to that? We can rail against it and complain or we can make the best of it. This has been my struggle. I not only live far from family, I also live far enough away from everything locally that my health condition keeps me home.

I am finally coming to a place of surrrender. “G-D, since You obviously want me to stay home, please give me wisdom to discern what it is YOU want me to do here. Help me to use the resources and energy You have given me for Your glory and for Your kingdom work.”

Acceptance. Surrender. This is where I am. This brings shalom. It also makes me more productive in the Spirit.

I am spending the time in prayer and drawing near to HaShem. What a blessing to have things in my life that push me into His presence. Oh, that I would go there without needing that push!

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If you can keep it…

In 1776, we fought against the tyrannical King of England for the right to exist as an independent and free nation-state. In 2020, we are fighting against a group of people who are trying to take over our nation, shred our constitution, remove our freedom and replace our form of government with a socialist/communist one.

When Benjamin Franklin came out of a meeting of deliberations over our constitution, he was asked by a woman, “what form of government have you given us, sir?” His response, “a republic, madam–if you can keep it.”

We were at a turning point then and we are at a turning point now. Can we keep our republic? It’s been slipping out of our fingers for decades. Will we now watch it completely slip out of our grasp? No!

A group of people who consider themselves to be elite and siperior to the rest of us has been placing people in positions of power. These infiltrators exist in every level of government, the judiciary and bureaucratic positions from the level of cities, through the states and all the way into Washington DC. Think about governors and mayors who have been putting in place tyrannical restrictions that do not even follow the science and that overrule the Constitution! Think about judges who who make unConstitutional rulings. Think about health organizations from inside and outside our country who give us bad numbers and bad advice regarding a current so-called pandemic.

They also exist in our three letter organizations that are responsible for the security and preservation of our nation. They have been blocking the attempts of good actors to preserve our freedom and form of government. Think about the phony accusations (and investigations) of collusion with foreign agents, while they have ignored the very real collusion (and treasonous crimes) done by bad actors in our government. These people, ladies and gents, are what is called the “deep state”. They live in the “swamp” our president wants to drain.

This deep state also includes people in positions of power in huge tech companies and the media. Think I’m wrong? If so, then why are the tech Giants practicing censorship? Why is the media not reporting ALL the news? People who voted for Biden have been interviewed and asked if they were aware of the very disturbing issues in Biden’s and his son’s relations with foreign governments. They were shocked when they found out the truth and did not understand why the media never told them about it. They said they would have never voted for Biden had they known.

Yes, folks, there is a very real collusion with a foreign power. But it has not been done by our president. It was done by people in previous administrations and power and it continues to be done by people in power. Our president took on the task, and he knew he was going to have to do this, before he ran–it’s why he ran, of removing those deep state, traitorous actors.

It’s been a huge job and has taken much courage. It isn’t over, yet. Through pre-planned massive fraud, the bad actors have tried to take over our government through this election. The preponderance of evidence is there in many, many states. Election fraud on a massive level. He is continuing to fight on our behalf as are many patriots behind him.

The time has come to ask ourselves some questions. Will we stand with him? Will we fight to keep our form of government? Are we, like those in 1776, willing to fight with everything we have against the tyranny of these bad actors trying to overtake our nation and destroy our freedom? It’s time to rise up. G-D forbid it should require arms. But at the very least, it requires civil disobedience against unconstitutional rules and laws.

If we don’t, America as we know it, will be fundamentally changed forever. The enemy will win and things will get a lot rougher in our nation. The tyrannical measures you see being taken now are just the beginning. They have targeted all small businesses, all assemblies of faith, all independence. They want you to have to rely solely upon the government and, believe me, they will use that to crush us as they live off their riches.

We need to repent of kicking G-D out of our public sphere. We need to turn our hearts back to Him and ask Him to help us out of this mess we have allowed. He is, actually, already doing it. However, He acts mostly through us people. We need to act and we need to be on His side.

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Do We Really Know What We Have?

Do we really know what we have? There is saying that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. I believe that is often true. Usually, we understand that to mean good things, but it can also apply to negative.

We get so used to things being the way they are, we assume it is normal–natural. But what if they aren’t the way it’s supposed to be? What if we got derailed somewhere and just became used to it because it happened so gradually? I believe that is what happened to our nation.

I also believe it will be very difficult for many people to receive the truth when it comes out. We who understand what is going–who understand the true nature of the battle–must be a voice that calls for pulling together and comforting those who will be in shock.

When the darkness is all you know, the light can be blinding. But we can all adjust. Something big is coming. We are either going to plunge further into darkness (which I don’t believe is going to happen) or we are going to see corruption exposed on a level that will shock people. They will be blinded by the light.

So, let’s come together. It’s not about political affiliation, how you practice your faith, the color of your skin, your economic status or any of the other things the “powers that be” have tried to use (sadly, rather successfully) to divide us. It is time to put all that aside and come together, not because one group submits to the other, but because we welcome and accept each other as we are.

I have hope for what is coming. Creator G-D has a plan and the plan of our spiritual adversary operating through corrupted people will not succeed. We who understand must NOT gloat over being “right”. Put that aside! We must show compassion and offer comfort and assurances as the truth comes out.

But, even if evil were allowed to succeed, how will we choose to respond? Same way. Not gloating over having been right, but offering comfort to the people who have no idea how they allowed themselves to be so conned.

I pray all reading this will have a great day–a blessed day. Seek the Creator with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He IS there with open arms waiting for you to cry out to Him.

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Prayer for Our Nation 10-25

Dear G-D, I have seen the plans they have laid out for this election–before, during and after. They are not good and may frighten many people if they succeed. I am praying they will not succeed. May the traps laid by those who are evil be traps they fall into themselves.

Should some of their plans to disrupt our nation succeed, please keep people calm. Please help them to turn to You and receive Your peace.

Please protect the many good people who just want to see our nation come together and be a place of prosperity for all.

Please open our hearts and minds to loving and understanding one another.

Please tie the hands of the powers of darkness that are striving to prevail over our nation and over the world.

Please open the eyes of all of us who are deceived that we may see the truth about what is going on.

Please help us to recognize the spiritual nature of the battle.

Please help the wicked to wake up and surrender their hearts to You.

May Your will be done in this country…not the will of any person.

May divisions cease.

May distrust and hatred cease.

May love and compassion abound.

May we see in each and every other person the image of Yourself that You have placed on each one of us.

May we look to do good to others and think less of what we can get for ourselves.

May we educate ourselves as to the real issues.

May we stop seeing one another as people who have less or more melanin. May we see each other as all Americans…all humans…all made in Your image…all valuable and precious.

May we stop making assumptions about what other people feel or think or believe.

May we stop assuming the motives of other people’s actions.

May we ask questions with open hearts and minds, recognizing the potential for both good and evil exists in ALL of us.

May Your will be done in each of us, in our nation and in the world as a whole.

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Watched Over By the Shepherd

2019 08 30 Watched Over by the Shepherd WP

We all need to know we are being watched over. In these times it is even more critical than ever. G-D is the Shepherd of our souls and lives… if we will allow Him to be. I am very blessed to have had a real relationship with Him since as far back as I can remember. And right now, I am leaning into Him more than ever.

He has undershepherds — spiritual leaders who are supposed to watch over His flock. They are supposed to lead and guide, support and heal, strengthen and comfort, teach and correct. Make sure you have an undershepherd who is truly loving the flock and leading them in much humbleness.

I have experienced some wonderful under shepherds. I have also experienced some not-so-good ones. In both instances I grew and so I appreciate both, although the devastation that I’ve seen that comes from the not so good undershepherd is heartbreaking.

I have learned not to lean on people, not even undershepherds. I am to look to The Shepherd, first and foremost, and walk along side of the undershepherds while respecting their authority. But I will not put them in the place of G-d and I will not do anything they tell me to do if I truly believe it goes against what I understand G-d wants from me.

I hope and pray you have good earthly shepherds who are true to their calling as servants of The Shepherd of all.

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No longer a “Christian”…

Although I don’t have the same backstory as in the article posted at the end, my reasons for no longer being “Christian” do overlap a little. Yeshua/Jesus is the Messiah who came through the Jewish people of Israel. The original followers of Yeshua belonged to a Jewish sect called “The Way” (HaDerech), as mentioned in the book of Acts (9:2). They did not stop being Jews, nor did they stop obeying Torah!

Romans 11 tells me I (as a non-Jewish follower of Yeshua) am grafted into the olive tree (the people of Israel aka the Jews). They did not leave Israel to start something separate from the heritage of the Tanakh/OT that speaks of Messiah.

Ephesians 2 tells me I am no longer excluded from the commonwealth of Israel or a stranger to the covenants of promise through the sacrificial blood of Yeshua shed for all who will accept Him. He has broken down the spiritual wall of separation between Jew and non-Jew.

Does that make me Jewish? No. So far as I can see, I have no Jewish DNA (although Dave does). I “might” have some hidden within the Iberian, but that is only speculation. I am a non-Jew who is grafted into the Israel of the Tanakh/Bible/OT. (I could call myself an “Israelite”, but don’t because it would cause confusion and could be mistaken as a replacement theology stance which I absolutely, 100% reject.)

I am a non-Jew who chooses to live, as best I can, as I would have lived grafted in to the HaDerech Jewish sect of first century Israel.

EDITING IN: I also prefer not to use the title “Christian” because the Jesus I see being taught about in the Christian church looks very different from the Yeshua (Jesus) I see in the Scriptures. I have studied this for many years and the deeper I go into the Bible, the whole Bible–not just the back end–the more I gain a better understanding of it. It is important to understand the culture, the language, the teaching styles and how it would have been understood by the people of the time. The Jesus I see being taught in most Christian churches just does not represent the Yeshua I see in the Bible.

In the end, I fully embrace Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah, as G-d’s Son. I do believe all the Apostolic Writings (NT) teach us. That has not changed one iota. It is my understanding of how He lived and what He taught that has changed. I DO consider Christians to be my brothers and sisters in Messiah. I do not judge them. I have a big enough beam in my own eye to keep me busy for a lifetime.


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