Building Beit-Shalom

The story of the building of Beit-Shalom really begins in my previous blog Little RV on the Hillside. In a nutshell, we moved here in our tiny RV from California so that Dave could help get the Creation Museum open. He worked in two different departments before he got laid off.

Due to financial constraints and some surprises after we got here, we decided not to buy any house we knew we would most likely not be able to keep, even though we qualified for a lot of house. The ones we could most afford were not worth buying. So, we ended up buying land and moving onto it in our tiny RV. We had shipped some of our belongings in a huge shipping container which is sitting on our land, also.

After about 3 1/2 years of living in the RV, some home schooling people we know got together to do some fundraising in the hopes we could buy a used mobile home. They did an awesome job. However, we ran into snags as it turned out to be more expensive than anyone thought, especially since the county put constraints on how old the mobile home could be. So, the money sat in trust…waiting for the L-rd to show us the next step.

Then, through a series of connections, we met a couple who decided that the L-rd wanted them to help build us a home and the dream of Beit-Shalom becoming a reality really took off.

We had always wanted to have a house where we could bring the love of Yeshua to others and we were finally seeing a possibility of it coming about. There are many details to our story…some of which are on the other blog. Others may slowly come out here.

The page on the other blog that lists the posts showing the progress of the building is here: Yahweh’s House/Beit-Shalom. The first few progress posts from this blog are listed there. Then I stopped updating there and am just writing here. As you read through the blog here, you will see the progress.

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