E-Sword – It’s FREE!

Looking for a bible study program that you can use for FREE? One that is easy to install and use? Well…here it is! We have used E-Sword for years. It is intuitive and very easy to use.

I, Abigail, have used “high-powered” programs in the past and found the learning curve to be way higher than with E-Sword. In fact, I did not like them at all and loved it when I ran across E-Sword. When we could no longer afford the high-powered ones, Dave switched to E-Sword and also came to appreciate it.

The only thing we did not like was how awkward it was to load all the modules. Well, no more! Rick Meyers, who developed this program in his free time so that people who could not afford other programs or who did not have the physical room for the books could have it, has now vastly improved the module installation. I just tried the newly released version and it could not be easier!

We encourage everyone to check it out. We use the free modules, as well as four paid modules, plus the NET bible. Below are links for E-Sword, the NET bible and the resource site for paid modules.


E-Study Source

NET Bible

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