There is an internet site that plays beautiful worship music. We love this site because all the music is handpicked. It is not driven by the industry, but instead by how the music touches the heart and lifts a person’s spirit to Yahweh. There are no commercials, just music interspersed with occasional naming of sponsors. They also play Zola Levitt and Unshackled at certain times. Mostly, though, it is just beautiful worship music.

The couple that run this ministry have a live segment that runs 2 hours every week day. It is then repeated 3 times each day. On the weekends, they repeat segments from the previous week days. They have been told they should charge for people to listen, however, they refuse to do that, living off the provision of the L-rd.

They do, however, have a channel that is music only…no live segments or other shows. That is designed for play in offices where anything other than music would be distracting. There is a small charge for that channel. The hope is that it will help to support the free channel so they can keep it free to folks like you and us.

Below are links to the site Praise Broadcasting Network, as well as links to some of the artists you will hear there. Please note…neither they, or we, necessarily agree with or follow everything that is taught and done by the ministries with which these artists are connected. We are only saying that the music has touched us. Some of the music is “out of print” and we are blessed that PBN has copies. They do not play all the songs of the artists, but they do play the ones that most touch them.

Please check them out and prayerfully consider whether or not you should help support them as they minister to people in parts of the world where the internet is their only connection to the Christian world.

Praise Broadcasting Network (PBN)

PBN Pure (for offices)

Here is just a sample of the artists they play:

Kelly Willard

Twila Paris

Lenny LeBlanc

Marty Goetz

Rich Mullins

Steven Curtis Chapman

Michael W. Smith

Paul Baloche

Terry Clark

Dennis Jernigan

Alberto and Kimberly Rivera

John Michael Talbot

Michael Card

Nancy Honeytree

Keith Green

Love Song

Maranatha Singers

Vineyard Music


Misty Edwards

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