Why you need copy editors and proofreaders…

It is much easier to spot someone else’s errors because your brain will not as easily assume what the author meant to write. I do try to check my posts, but sometimes things will get by me and I do not have a proofreader. So, please show mercy if you see an error. Just make a note in the comments section and I will fix it.

This former copy editor and proofreader thanks you for your understanding.

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100 Days of Thankfulness…Day 12

Today, I am thankful for Emergency Rooms. Our son had an earache that just would not go away. We finally had to break down and take him in the middle of Sunday night to the ER. He is now on his second day of antibiotics, ear drops and pain pills.

Is he feeling better? Well, not very much…yet. His pain has gone down from a “10” to a “9.5”. We are hoping and praying it will go down more by tomorrow. If not, we may need to take him in to see the doctor.

I am also thankful that the L-rd is my Provider and that we have a dear friend who is going to help me negotiate the bill down once it comes in.

His antibiotic was free at the pharmacy and the pain pills did not cost much. Yay! The ear drops were given to us at the hospital. I don’t know how much they will charge, but I know that last time we could not get them from the pharmacy because they were very, very expensive. This way we can negotiate cost and payment.

I am grateful we have a vehicle and that we had plenty of gas Sunday night.

Another good thing is that there were not many people in the ER.

I could go on and on about our many blessings, but these are the ones I am focusing on today.

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A Mind-boggling Truth

As I laid in bed this Shabbat morning, contemplating whether to get up so early or laze for a while, a mind-boggling reality started to cross my mind. For one who loves and worships the Creator, it is something that can be so easy to take for granted (meaning to not really look at the full reality of it) . Perhaps, that is because it is so incomprehensible, especially in this world where life is so readily devalued.

First, there is this amazing being beyond any real description we can try to write. This being is self-sufficient and has no need of anyone or anything. This being loves and is the very essence of love itself. While we cannot say that love is this being, we can say that this being is the personification of perfect love and all real love emanates from this being. In fact, if it were not for this being, we could not love.

Of course, if it were not for this being, we would not even exist. And that is where the mind-boggling aspect of this really begins. Why would an all-sufficient being with no need of anyone or anything bother to create humankind? And also this amazing universe for us to enjoy? Imagine how huge and powerful this being would have to be to create such an immense universe and to create life itself? Scientists cannot even begin to touch either of those. They brag about “creating” the beginnings of life, but what they have “created” so far is incompatible with life (a subject for a different post). Plus, they are starting with materials already in existence. This being started with nothing but itself!

Everything that is made has the earmarks of its maker. We know an artist by his/her art, for example, or an architect by the buildings he/she designs. So, we see from creation some things about this being…this Creator. The Creator likes order, for we see all around us an ordered universe. This Creator likes variety as evidenced by the many different types of plants and living creatures we not only see around us, but are still discovering! This Creator is generous for this planets is teeming with life! This Creator likes surprises as evidenced by so many things that are “outside the box”. (Think platypus, for example, and a planet that spins in the opposite direction of the rest and so on.)

This being has no gender and, yet, both genders. We know this because we are told that humankind was created in its image and humankind is both male and female. Being created in its image brings up another reality. All the living beings on this planet can be categorized, yet there is something about humankind that is transcendent…unique. We are not animals, although they have told us that for decades now. The idea that humans are just higher animals is a fairly recent invention, but it is not really difficult to see that we are different.

We make moral choices that animals don’t. Although, I have to admit that distinction seems to be fading or almost non-existent with some people in this world. But we would normally call that “evil” and most of us would agree (or at least used to agree) that a person who seemingly has no morality in their thinking and actions is “broken”. Something is wrong with them. The very fact that we are appalled at evil shows we are moral beings, even if we struggle to agree at times as to what, exactly, is evil.

Perhaps, the most mind-boggling aspect of this whole thing is that this being wants to be in relationship with us. This being is the epitome of intimacy and creativity, as evidenced by the manner of procreation and the wondrous pleasure that sexuality can bring and the horrific pain that broken relationships can bring. And relationship with us is desired!

What kind of relationship does it want? Well, this being tells us to call it “Father”, although the word is more accurately translated as “daddy”. The Hebrew word for father is “av”. Av has more than one meaning. It connotes “source”. Fathers are the source of their children through their seed and our heavenly av…heavenly Father…is the source of all we see and all we are. In a healthy family, the relationship between a father and his children is one of intimacy, heart sharing, love, support, provision, care, joy, fun, growth, discipline (training), teaching. There are so many aspects to a father/child, parent/child relationship that it would take a whole post on just that. The thing is, that is the kind of relationship “He” wants with us…that of a perfect father (parent) and His children (us). That, dear readers, is completely mind-boggling to me.

You have this immense, amazing being, the comprehension of which is so beyond our reach. We can only begin to understand tiny aspects of Him. And, yet, He wants to be thought of as a parent who is guiding us and training us and drawing us into heart intimacy with Him. Wow!

And then it gets even better. This infinite being has another side to Him. He created intimacy as evidenced by the two becoming one in marriage. Follow me on this. Humankind was created as a single being. Our English translations do not do justice to the Hebrew. Adam was a single being containing the essence of both male and female. Adam was not, originally, merely male. Havah (Eve) was separated out from Adam. What was once a single being of both genders created in the image of the Creator (who is both genders) was split to make distinctly male and female persons. As the Creator is a compound unity, so did humankind start. The uniting of male and female in marriage gives us two distinct beings yet also an amazing spiritual unity. Male and female cleave together…a word that connotes an inability to separate without causing immense damage to both. A healthy marriage is a reflection of the compound unity of the Creator.

A healthy marriage reflects deep intimacy and sharing. It is a picture of the kind of intimacy of spirit that the Creator wants with us. This is evidenced by the fact that the idea of marriage is shown all throughout the scriptures from Genesis (B’eresheet) onward.** The Apostolic writings refer to a “Bride” for which Yeshua is coming.

So, we have this immense Being who created this vast universe and everything in it and who wants an intimate, endearing relationship with His created people that we can only start to compare with that of a loving, perfect father culminating with that of a loving, perfect husband.

The word that comes to mind, and yet is so inadequate, is “wow”! Wow! Wow! Wow! Perhaps, you can now understand why my mind is boggled. That kind of intimacy has me in awe and a bit terrified, too. As a human, it is hard to comprehend that level of intimacy and my abuse experiences in this life make it very difficult to expose my heart that fully, even to one I trust so much. Yet, it is what I long for. And I believe every human, man or woman, longs for it.

I am closer to it every day…one step at a time. I hope and pray you are, too.


**It would take an in-depth post to share all the many aspects and examples of this. The more we study and see this in the scriptures, the stronger the reality of this truth hits. That is how studying the scriptures in light of the culture, original language, writing styles, context of time and understanding of the writers/speakers and readers/hearers sheds so much light on the deeper meanings (and oftentimes, the real and intended meanings). I/we cannot emphasize this enough. Trying to study from our modern-day, current culture aspect alone simply does not give us the full depth and beauty of the scriptures. Notice, I did not say it gives none…only that we are missing a LOT if that is all we do. Plus, we are finding there are many things that we simply misunderstand. We have been taught things that are inaccurate and have had very important things left out and removed. And no, I am not talking about “lost gospels” here. I am talking about things that are plainly there, if one understands the cultural and language aspects of the scriptures. Our eyes have been opened and we are amazed at what is plainly written that we missed before. Or how what simply did not make sense to us before is now made clear. What is amazing to us (although foretold in the scriptures) is that there are people all over the world who are waking up to this. We are going back to our spiritual roots.

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A lot of wisdom here

Stan Goodenough lives in Israel. He is a tour guide and he is a Christian. He sees things happening in Israel and sees the connection to scripture. I highly recommend his blog.

Today, I am sharing his latest post. This is serious. Please read it and give it some real thought. Things are coming down the road and you need to be ready.


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What is in the future?

During the last few months, as I have been going through the never-ending process of my heavenly Abba refining me (a never ending job), I have been watching what is going on in the world as a whole. What I see happening is not surprising (it has been prophesied), not really shocking (I have seen firsthand the face of evil), but it is heartbreaking.

There is a darkness that is rising all over the world. It is manifesting in various ways. One way is a “religion” that wants to stamp out all who do not worship its god and it is doing so at an alarming rate. Beheadings, even of little children. Rapes. Selling into slavery.  They are doing this against Christians, primarily, but also even against their own who are not as extremist as they, not as “pure” as they. Among themselves, they also marry girls as young as 5 and 6 to men…some of them dying at the consummation of their marriages. And let’s not forget the mutilation of females that is becoming more and more widespread with the spread of sharia law.

Another way darkness is rising up is in the wholesale denying of the Creator and pushing away of His ways. People are placing themselves into the role of “G-d”…they think. They are deciding for themselves what is right and what is wrong and using fallible human logic to define those concepts. This is even being taught in many “Christian” churches and in most seminaries. As a result, we have the imploding of the family, widespread sexual and physical abuse of children and women, a growing sex slave trade and rampant pornography and drug addictions. Immorality is everywhere we look. When we cast off the idea of a Creator who gives guidelines for living and assume a happenstance naturalistic origin, there is no longer a set measure for right and wrong. It becomes whatever we “think” it should be.

At the same time, a Light is rising in the world. All over there are groups of people whose eyes are being opened to the truth about their own spiritual beliefs. They are re-examining the roots of their faith and recognizing that the Jesus they worship has been badly misrepresented. They have, in essence, been ripped off of a wonderful and rich heritage. And that, too, was prophesied. The times of the Gentiles is being fulfilled as many of us are coming full circle and looking back at the Jewishness of our Messiah.

In 1967, the prophesied return of Jerusalem from Gentile hands into Jewish hands took place. In that same year, a movement of G-d broke out and we saw many people of Jewish blood (although not all were of Jewish faith) come to know Messiah. They knew Him then as Jesus. But as time has gone on and the Jewishness of Jesus (Yeshua) has been restored, many started to realize that Jewishness and Yeshua DO mix! He was and is Jewish!

Right now, there are Jews coming to know Yeshua as Messiah in record numbers. Although there have always been Jews who followed Yeshua since the time He walked the earth amongst us, the numbers have grown with a building momentum since 1967 and there are now over 100 Messianic synagogues in Israel. There always have been, and are even more now, religious Jews recognizing Him. This is an exciting time in which to live. And no, I am NOT talking about converting to Christianity (which bares little to no resemblance to the 1st century sect of Judaism known as “The Way”). These are Jewish people, living as Jews, walking in the fullness of Messiah.

While there are little points of light in many nations, places where the Ruach/Spirit of G-d is moving, a Light is rising in Israel as a largely secular and squabbling group of people are being united and are turning more and more back to the G-d of their fathers…the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So, we are seeing more and more turning to the Creator, to the G-d of the bible, and some also to His Messiah…Yeshua.

The darkness and Light are leading to a world-wide polarization. On one side will be the people who are for G-d and on the other side will be those who are against. And much of that centers around the land He has called His own (although in reality He owns the whole universe). That land is Israel.

No other nation on record has come back after 2000 years. No other language has resurrected after being considered “dead” and in almost complete non-usage (outside of prayer books). No other people group has been so scattered (and hunted down) throughout all the earth and yet survived. No other people group has been coming back to the land of its fathers from the nations of the world.

No other nation has seen the miracles Israel has. I know there are some who poo-poo the idea of miracles and try to explain them away as naturally occurring events. However, those people have never read or studied in detail the things that took place. Visions of Abraham to Arabs telling them to leave the soldiers they were about to attack alone. How do you explain that? And it happened several times. The Arabs who dropped their weapons and ran have testified to what they saw and heard.

Or how about the story the Arab who was going to kill Moshe Dayan told Dayan later when Dayan found him in a prison for prisoners of war? He was aiming at Dayan’s head about to fire when he saw angels all around. He and all the soldiers with him ran. He told Dayan that he can fight Jews, he can fight mean, but he cannot fight angels. Dayan relates the event in his autobiography.

There is a video series called “Against All Odds: Israel Survives” that I cannot recommend enough. You will see re-enactments and hear eyewitness accounts of events that simply cannot be explained away as anything but supernatural. You can now find the series on YouTube, although I do not know how long it will be there.

The video set is available from WND. The set we borrowed had a full length movie that touches on key events and 13 episodes that gave greater detail and also covered more events. The full length movie is also on YouTube.

O Jerusalem is a book done by two investigative reporters. In it, they share what they uncovered about the founding of Israel and the ensuing wars. I have not read it, but my husband has. It is not written from any kind of religious context that he remembers. These are just reporters writing the facts they have uncovered…facts that are unexplainable in the natural.

What is happening in Israel was foretold over 2000 years ago. The whole world will be affected as Jerusalem fulfills her prophesied role as a cup of trembling for the world.  The focus of many nations and of many people is on Jerusalem and will be in increasing measure as events unfold. The darkness rising against her is spreading to far too many other places in the world.

Israel is only the first target. If you listen to the voices coming out of the darkness, the rest of the world is next. If you listen to prophesy (from a book that has been proven to be right on the money so far), the whole world is facing quite a time ahead.

That means we need to pay attention to what else was foretold. What has been prophesied that has not yet happened? For therein lies our future. Are you ready?

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Urgent: please pray for 3 Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas to be found safe. Here are the latest details.


This concerns me, along with so many other things happening over there.

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:

Three kidnapped Israeli teens, from L-R: Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frenkel, 16, and Gil-ad Shaar, 16. (photo credit: Times of Israel)

Three kidnapped Israeli teens, from L-R: Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frenkel, 16, and Gil-ad Shaar, 16. (photo credit: Times of Israel)

Three Israeli teenage boys — including one who is American-born — disappeared last Thursday. Fairly quickly, Israeli authorities determined the boys had been kidnapped and taken into the West Bank. Prime Minister Netanyahu says he has hard evidence that Hamas is responsible.

  • Please pray for the Lord to protect these three young men — and their  families — and give them courage and peace.
  • Please pray that they will be returned safely to their families.
  • Please pray, too, for Israeli authorities to have wisdom to know how to find them, and  for Palestinian authorities to actively assist in their safe and speedy return.
  • Please also share this story with others and encourage others to start praying.

“Yeshiva students Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gil-ad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, 16, were abducted while hitchhiking south…

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Sometimes…the tears just need to fall.


My life the last few months or so. It gets old, but I know it will pass. It always has…sooner or later. Crying can be a good release.

Originally posted on The Heart of the Rose:

Sometimes tears BG42+

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I’ve been in a battle

Lately, I have been fighting a battle. It is not that I have lost my faith. I haven’t. But the stresses of our situation have piled up and left me vulnerable once again to the darkness I have fought all my life. Whether it is old programming kicking in (my father did give me his contact info) or simply the things of current life (Dave being in pain, having little to no income to live on, son going to trial, being unable to take care of or maintain Beit-Shalom or???)

I have managed to make the office more usable. That will give me a bit of a much-needed “hideaway”. It is not a very comfy one, but it is very doable. I plan to keep working on it as I sort, toss and organize.

I relate to this jpeg from The Heart of the Rose blog. I want to be whole-hearted toward Him.

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This Cloak of Darkness… A Message to the Depressed


I love the video that accompanies this. I wish I did not relate to it so much.

Originally posted on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel:

This is a message for someone who is struggling with depression. These words came to me that I will share. I totally understand how you feel… cause I have definitely been there!!!

Clothed in darkness…
feeling your life is a mess.
Surrounded by brokenness…
and intense feelings of distress.
Looking around you…
feeling your world has fallen apart.
Knowing you have to continue…
but the darkness just won’t depart.
And this cloak of darkness covers you…
with feelings of smothering at best.
But how can you remove it…
like clothing you’d just undress.

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Again, I am learning that it really is all about trust. I don’t just need to believe G-d exists. I don’t just need a relationship with Him. I need to be in a right relationship with Him. And that means trusting Him, completely, for everything in my life.

I entrust my spiritual well-being to Him (the fuller meaning of the word “believe” in John 3:16). I entrust my physical well-being to Him, trusting that He will provide what I absolutely need. I will entrust my safety to Him, trusting that He will get me through whatever comes my way.

It isn’t about never doing without. It isn’t about never feeling lonely…or scared. It isn’t about never hurting or never feeling down. It is about trusting my Creator. It is about knowing that He has plan that is much bigger than what I can see. Yes, He does give me glimpses of what He is doing and why, but most of the picture is hidden behind the veil of trust.

I have been through some incredibly hard times, yet I am still here. Clearly, He got me through it. There are things I wished I had and did not get. Clearly, I did have what I most needed for I am still here.

I am blessed and I need to always keep that in my mind and heart. A day filled with gratitude is a much better day than one without it, even if the events are identical.

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