In addition to the artists played on PBN, there are some other music artists that are also worth mentioning.  I highly recommend them.

Music For the Soul “At Music for the Soul we use songs, personal stories, and videos to help people connect with, and begin to heal from, the deepest places of pain in their hearts….” more from Steve Siler, Director. I know that I have been profoundly moved by the music coming from that ministry. Steve and all the artists (who volunteer their time and talents) have a real heart for ministering to hurting people.

Eric Pazdziora is (in his own words) a “Composer, Pianist, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Writer, Copyeditor, and a few other things”. Recent commissions have included choral works, instrumental pieces, art songs, film scores, and incidental music for drama. In his CD “New Creation“, Eric performs his own arrangements of some beloved hymns. He is a very talented songwriter and musician.

Carrie Pazdziora “It is in the darkest room that a single flicker of light seems to shine most brightly. My hope is that the music you find here may be a dark room, so that the light may shine ever more brightly through me.”…Carrie Pazdziora   An accomplished musician and songwriter, Carrie’s music in “a look inside…” covers love, life, spirituality. She writes soft melodies with poignant messages that soothe the soul and delight the ear.


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