Home Education

On this page, I will be putting up links to sites that I believe are helpful to those wanting to educate their children at home.

I highly recommend Mary Hood’s blog and website. She really helped me to understand some things about home education back when Elias was still very young and we were struggling. Here are two links for her:
The Relaxed Home Schooler and Archers for the Lord

This page gives some resources and ideas for free home education:
Gleaning the Harvest: Home School Free

Robin Sampson’s Heart of Wisdom site goes into the differences between Hebraic teaching and Greek teaching and so much more. If you are a disciple of Yeshua/Jesus, you really need to understand the differences so you can decide the best way to educate your child(ren). She also goes into the Hebrew roots of our faith without getting dogmatic or becoming fanatical (something that, sadly, you see too often nowadays). Here is a link to one of her articles:
Hebrew Versus Greek Education

Here is one on people who home educate:
Why Urban, Educated Parents Are Turning to DIY Education

NOTE: Homeschooling is not for everyone. At some point, I plan to write about this and share why I/we believe that. If you want to know sooner than that, feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” tab above (below the header).


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