Body Life?

What is real body life supposed to be like? How does Yeshua want us to minister to one another? We don’t believe there is only one answer to that. Body life is dynamic. There is no formula to follow. We are all to be filled with the Ruach/Spirit and walk under the headship of Yeshua/Jesus.

I hope to share here some thoughts and some links about body life. As with the other pages, we don’t agree with everything on every site, but we believe there is a lot of good information out there to think about. As always, take what you read to the L-rd and ask Him to affirm it.

One aspect of body life is ministering to the broken, wounded and abused. Here are links to help with that:

Recovery From Abuse

Church Exiters

Present Testimony Ministry

We highly recommend the following book for information to read regarding body life, the traditions of men and what the bible and history really show. We do not agree with all they have to say, but they do bring up some good points:

Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna

What’s With Paul and Women?

Part of body life has to do with the roles of women. Here is one link (I hope to add more as time permits) regarding women:

The Myth of the Weaker Vessel by Eric Pazdziora


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