The medical profession has a lot for which to answer…

I know what I’m about to write will be very unpopular among many, but it needs to be said. The medical profession has allowed itself to be torn into two camps and that has led to serious harms, and even deaths, to the very people they want to help.

Both camps want their patients to get well and be healthy. Where they diverge is in the methodology. One camp relies heavily on nutrition and working with the body’s built-in immune system to prevent illness and aid healing when there is illness. The other camp relies more heavily on pharmacology. One sees food as a medicine and a key to being healthy. The other, while advocating “healthy” eating, doesn’t really study enough to define what that means outside of the lab. Their main method of healing is pharmacology.

Every doctor I’ve asked has told me they spent less than one day out of all those years in medical school on nutrition, or at best a few days. And primarily, it’s about whether mothers should breastfeed or bottle feed. Yet, how can we deny that what we put in our bodies is going to make a big difference in how our bodies operate and how well they function? If we don’t fuel them properly, can we really expect them to be healthy and running well?

So why is this? How did we get to this point? Well, one has to look back at what happened to the medical schools. It used to be medical schools taught about nutrition and natural medicines and manipulation of the musculoskeletal system. But then something happened.

The pharmacology industry started to grow and, like any good businessman, the ones who own those companies were looking at how they could promote their products and make more money. So they targeted the medical schools. They offered them all kinds of grants and monetary support if they would allow one of their people to be on their boards. This was the beginning of the slippery slope. (No, I am not citing sources, but this information is readily available for those who actually want to search it out and take a look at it.)

One board member became two board members became three board members. Inevitably, those board members started to work on the other board members to bring about a greater emphasis on the wonders of pharmacology. As pharmacology came more to the forefront, other methods of health and healing started to be shoved to the side…methods that did not net greater profit. The schools that would not comply with this new direction either lost funding or never got funding in the first place.

As pharmacology became more and more powerful, they got into licensing and accreditation. They were able to start influencing those bodies to limit accreditation and licensing to those schools that follow the pharmacology model. One by one, schools that had existed for a very long time either converted or got shut down. And what we see today is the result of that.

Emphasizing pharmacology over natural healing has brought us to where we are now. We now promote lifestyles that assault the immune system and encourage ill health. We do not address the problems with our food or water supply. We do not address the modifications of our food, the way we grow it with chemicals, the way we pick it green before it actually has its full nutritional value, and we don’t address the whole processed foods industry. By the way, look it up. Who is at the top of the food industry and who is at the top of the food chain of the pharmacology industry? Who is the largest private owner of farmland? I guarantee you the results are very interesting.

Allowing that division has led to money being the number one goal rather than health. Granted, that is not the case for most doctors, but it is the case for those in control of education, research and licensing. Promoting a good clean food and water supply and proper eating doesn’t make someone money. You cannot put a patent on good healthy eating and living. But you can put a patent on man-made medicines and on food that requires genetically modified seed.

Since this whole process started many decades ago, the average doctor going through medical school, unless he’s actually studied the history of medicine, is pretty much unaware of all this or only sees it as a sidebar and really not something of primary importance. And we, the American people, are paying the price. And not just us; it’s actually a worldwide issue.

There have always been those in the medical profession who are aware of this. They have been trying to warn us for decades, but big pharma has a lot of money and they keep squelching their voices, calling them quacks. Now, I’m not saying every methodology out there is legitimate, not at all. But there are a lot that are and there are studies to back a lot of that up, but those studies get squelched, too. Or, when there’s enough empirical evidence to make it clear that a study should be done, it’s refused. This division and the silencing of all voices who do not tow the big pharma line has been harming people, leading many to death.

There are many, many voices pointing out the dangers of what is going on and speaking out about this. They are also speaking out about how easy it is to treat the very condition for which this experimental gene therapy is being promoted. In addition, it has been proven the numbers of people who supposedly died from this illness have been drastically doctored. And some other sicknesses have almost disappeared! Even the CDC has admitted many of the deaths attributed to Covid are actually from other causes.

Now we are at the ultimate precipice where we are using an experimental gene therapy in the so-called Covid “vaccine” (which has been attempted for over 10 years and failed every time, resulting in the deaths of the animals in all the trials) and trying to mandate everyone take it. There is a reason even quite a few medical personnel are refusing to take it.

Yet, we are told if we don’t submit to taking it, we can’t go shopping, we can’t travel, we can’t gather with our loved ones. And people are raking in the money…and the control of every aspect of people’s lives. Who they can see, where (and if) they can gather, whether they can go shopping or travel. Vaccine passports? For something with a verified 99.8% survival rate and easily treated a multiple of ways? This is getting reminiscent of Communist countries and reminds me of Nazi Germany. “Papers, please!” Is this really what we want?

For decades, doctors attending medical school have allowed themselves to be locked inside a box of pharmacology methodology. They were content with believing what they were taught was “science” and “good medicine”. They trusted those who were feeding them information. Those who have pushed outside the box are sidelined and ostracized. I do not believe doctors mean ill. They truly want their patients to get well. But allowing themselves to be locked into this illogical box has resulted in the harm and deaths of many. And now we are going to see the ultimate end result of that.

I hope and pray we wake up before it gets any worse. Millions of people have already been experimented on and I don’t know that there’s any way to undo it. Everything I’m hearing, indicates it’s irreversible. We are seeing a repeat in people to what happened to the animals in prior trials. (They skipped the animal trials this go round. Does that sound like good science to you?)

The animals in the trials of the previous attempts at using gene therapy had their immune systems seriously compromised by the gene therapy. It left them very vulnerable to the wild version of the virus and, in fact, to every other thing their immune systems got hit with. Ask yourself why there are SO many adverse reactions, including deaths, to people after taking this gene therapy? Also ask why you have to really dig to get the real data on this? Why is it being hidden? Why are they not telling everyone it is not a traditional vaccine, but is actually experimental gene manipulation?

They say the harm and the numbers pf deaths are not coming from this so-called “vaccine”. Yet, there are many, many doctors and medical experts out there (and even some experts who make vaccines) who have been warning us of these exact types of things potentially happening. How is it they could warn us about these things and, now that it’s happening, it’s not the vaccine?

I hope this is a wake-up call to everyone in the medical profession to start thinking outside the box, to start looking more favorably at their brothers and sisters who are promoting alternative ways of health and healing, and to start taking them more seriously. I hope they will start thinking logically.

What we are seeing will result in a form of genocide on the human race. It’s that serious! Sadly, there is a lot of evidence (again, you have to be willing to dig for it) to indicate this is intentional. I base this on public statements made by the people involved who have stated their goals are to reduce the population of the world and that “vaccines are the key”…Bill Gates’ own words.

It is said power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. We also know greed corrupts. We are seeing greed and power converge at the top of the systems over our world. And the result is not pretty!

One quick example of total power totally corrupting is China. In China they use slave labor, they harvest organs from living people without anesthetic, and they target people who don’t tow the party line. A quick study of China will reveal many such horrors. Is that where we are heading?

And to all the brave nurses and other medical personnel out there who are refusing to continue to give the vaccines because of the harm they’re seeing take place to the vaccinated, thank you! I hope others in your profession will also wake up and stand up!

About BatTikvah

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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