Living Authentically

I want to live an authentic life. That may mean different things to different people, so let me explain what it means to me.

I want to live and walk in Truth. While I may be in error about some facts, I do not lie. While there is a time and place for being circumspect, it is not healthy for me or others if I ignore the “elephant in the living room” or pretend that things are OK when they are not. There is a delicate balance of what people do and do not need to know, but I will not play games.

On the flip side, I also want to walk in Faith. Walking in Faith means seeing beyond what is in front of me. For example, I may be sick now, but I can stand on the promises of healing, even though I may not see that healing until the next life. I will not “declare” myself “healed”, but I will thank our Creator for His promises of healing (on all levels inside and out) and I will live in joyful (with His help) expectation of that healing…whenever and however it will come.

Another example is in the area of provision. Our Creator is our Provider. I will not “declare” we have income we do not have. That would be lying and not walking in Truth. However, I will thank our Creator for being our Provider and trust Him to provide as He sees fit…even if it does not fit with what I want it to look like. I will live in joy, knowing I can trust Him for what I truly need (as opposed to what I want). I can declare that He is providing and will continue to provide.

This also applies to broken relationships. Our Creator is a Restorer and Reconciler to those who are willing to allow Him to be in the center of all they are and do…to those who surrender to His Spirit. I will not “declare” a relationship restored, but I will thank Him for all that I know He is doing to bring restoration and reconciliation. While He will not cross people’s free will, I can trust that He will continue to pursue reconciliation…so long as the other person has not hardened his/her heart completely toward Him.

Faith equals Trust and neither are worth anything if they are not built upon Truth. I can trust all I want in a lie and it will bring me nothing but eventual heartache. It may feel good for a time and even bring me some happiness, but none of it will last. True joy is not dependent upon happenings (like happiness is), but upon Truth.

So…I choose to live an authentic life. Will I do it perfectly? Nope. Will it mean I am always “up” and feeling wonderful? No. Life is still life. It comes with trials and hardships and challenges. Yet, in the midst of it all, I can live and walk in Truth knowing in Whom I have entrusted my whole wellbeing…body and soul.

I pray you will see our Creator today. He has revealed Himself to us in His word…the bible… and then again in His Living Word…the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. There are hard things in the bible. I won’t deny that. But the more I study, the more I recognize that some of those hard things are misunderstandings, some of which are based upon poor translating, but many of which are simply not doing due diligence to study the full context (linguistical, historical, textual and so forth).

Don’t give up. Keep seeking our Creator and ask Him to help you understand. Dave and I are not all knowing, but we are willing to answer questions as best we can. You can contact us via the contact form tab above.

Our Creator wants to be known. He already knows you and loves you and is just waiting on you to express a desire to know Him. Ask Him to show Himself. He will do it. It may be over time because of things in your life or questions you need answered, but He will reveal Himself to you.

About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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One Response to Living Authentically

  1. encouragement4you says:

    Amen ❤

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