Fighting the Obvious…

Why do we fight against the obvious? For centuries man has tried to deny the plan of God. We have refused to be held accountable to our maker. We kick and scream and drag our feet, hoping that if we try hard enough and wish hard enough we can make our own truth. We can “wish I may” and “wish I might” all we want, but in the end we will face the Creator of the universe. All our wishing and wanting won’t change a thing. We will suddenly come to the realization that not only have we wasted a lifetime ignoring the most awesome and precious thing we could ever have, but now we won’t have it forever.

I am God!” man roars in his arrogance. In the end he will whimper, “I wish I could know You, God!” to no avail. He won’t have a chance because he has ignored the obvious all his life.

Is there not enough evidence in nature that there has to be a master plan with a Master Planner? We could not create this universe, or solar system, or planet. We can’t even control the destiny of our own lives, no matter how hard we try. How arrogant that we think we are in control. There are so many things we are dependent on others for, or on circumstances.

Why do we fight the obvious? We are a proud people. Surrender? That is what we equate loving God to be. Surrender. But surrendering ourselves to the Creator sets us free to become a co-operating part of the awesome creation God has made. We are an awesome example of God’s handiwork. There is no other mind as intricate as ours. Accident? Obviously not. We are superior to any animal.

Why do we fight against the obvious? We go so far as to say that we are no better than the animals; and some even say that they are superior to us! We save the animals and kill unborn people.

Yet we believe this is better than admitting there is a God who loves us, a God who made us, a God we must answer to.


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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