Dear America…

Dear America, you are at a crossroads of huge significance and I truly doubt how many of you fully realize the importance of this.

Back in the 1800’s and even the early 1900’s, you would have had history books in school that taught the truth of what the Founding Fathers believed. Their correspondence can still be read today and it would shock most people to find out the truth. Even the so-called deists upheld the Bible and believed it should be taught to all children in school. I write “so-called” because some were actually Christian. In fact, they behaved in more of a Christian manner than many Christians today!

But history has been obscured and lies about them spread so that we hear false information all the time…information which paints them in a false light. We are given “facts”, but without the context of law and culture at the time. For example, did you know that stopping slavery was originally one of the grievances listed by the colonies in the Declaration of Independence? Do you know why it was removed? Because the slave states would not unit with the nonslave states unless it was removed and the FF knew they had zero chance against England if they were not united. But the hope of legally abolishing slavery always existed…even though there was always some who still wanted it. And, believe it or not, it was not a North vs South issue. There were people in ALL the states who did not want it and who either did want it or did not care. The Civil War was about not expanding slavery and ended up including the abolishment altogether. Lincoln’s assassination shows how hot the issue was.

The most important point I want to make today, though, is that our Founding Fathers knew and expressed that our form of government…a Constitutional Republic…would ONLY work for a people of faith. (And back then, the bible…whether Jewish or Christian…was the accepted “faith”.) It would ONLY work for a people who submitted themselves to the G-d of the Bible. (And for those who want to say that Islam was part of our national heritage…well, yes it was. Remember the Barbary pirates? They were Muslim! Thomas Jefferson formed a naval fleet for the express purpose of protecting our ships and coast from them. In fact, he also had the koran published in English and ordered the people of America to read it so they would know exactly what they were up against.)

Well, folks, look at what we have now in our nation. We are no longer a people of faith. Oh, we claim “spirituality”, but what god do we really serve? Not the G-d of the bible! Were all the early colonists people of faith? NO! But the majority were. And it was enough for this government to work…however imperfectly. It is no longer so.

But there is a movement within Congress where the members (over 200 the last I heard) are beginning to realize they need to serve G-d or our country is doomed. And it is doomed.

Folks, no President will save this country, although a President CAN make a huge difference…for good or for bad. But we, as a nation, need to return to our roots. We need to return to the grounding faith (regardless of denominational differences) in the G-d of the Bible. We need to walk in HIS ways…whether Jewish or Christian or whatever other label you wish to use. It is the ONLY way this form of government will work.

We used to be very blessed as a nation. We were held in high regard in the world. Our economy was booming. The “middle class” was booming and doing well…on, in most cases, ONE income per family! Now, we are a mess. The number of people either unemployed or underemployed is staggering! Morality is…well, do I even really need to go there? Look around you! Broken homes. Adultery. Children without a father. A culture of death. We kill our unborn and push our elderly into “assisted suicided” by refusing to pay for treatment and paying only for them to die. We kill our disabled.

We are at a crossroads. Yes, this election is VERY important, especially since the Supreme Court Justices put in place will determine the direction of this nation (along with Congress…if they ever get a real backbone). What values do YOU really want to see in this nation? This election holds the key.

But this election is NOT enough! No President can save this nation if we are not willing to submit ourselves to our Creator…to the G-d of the bible. And do not let the talk of the Founding Fathers fool you. All those terms they used were part of the culture. They all were understood to mean the G-d of the bible! Want a sampling of his prayers. Here are excerpts from his prayer journal:

More on George Washington: Bear in mind that he could not have gotten away with the things listed there if it were not for his brethren being in agreement.

So, it is up to you. What will YOU choose? This election is fraught with problems (and crimes, it turns out)! Without G-d, we are lost as people and lost as a nation.

You are at a crossroads, America. Choose wisely!


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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