What are threats the next President will face? Here’s one: A Czar rising in Russia.

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Putin-Rouhani-PoliticoAs we continue our look at major threats the next American President will face, we must take a hard look at Vladimir Putin.

In addition to invading Georgia and Ukraine in recent years, Putin has continued to rebuild Russia’s military and expand Russia’s military and diplomatic influence in the Middle East. Specially, Putin has:

  • aggressively forged a military alliance with Iran
  • sold state-of-the-art weapons systems to Iran
  • sent Russian troops into Syria to fight alongside Iran to prop up the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad
  • expanded Russia’s arms and nuclear sales to countries throughout the Middle East
  • eagerly moved to fill the vacuum created by President Obama’s retreat from the Mideast.

The trend lines are as clear as they are dangerous. At his core, Putin is a Czar. He wants to dramatically expand the imperial reach of Mother Russia. He is testing and probing Western defenses and resolve to see when and where he can expand next…

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