Just imagine!

Just imagine!

We live in a universe so immense, so huge! From the farthest star down to the tiniest microscopic proton (and maybe smaller), the size of the universe is mind-boggling!

Then there is the detail. So many very exacting pieces fit together. The distance from the sun being perfect for life on earth. The moon at just the right distance for the tides to be gentle enough to sail on yet powerful enough to make a difference in the way the ocean sustains itself. The way the water evaporates and comes back down as rain and snow that rejuvenate the soil and help crops to grow. The oxygen and carbon dioxide interchange that makes our air breathable. And so much more detail!

Then there are the bodies of every living creature. Each one has organs that would not work sufficiently if any part of them were left out. Such intricacy. When you look at how we are still very limited in our prostheses even though we have made huge advances in technology, again, it is mind-boggling. We cannot replace an eye. Oh, we can help people to “see”, after a fashion, but replace an eye? No! We can do transplants of organs, but make them ourselves? Nope! We are trying, but none of them are even close to being as perfect as the untainted human ones.

So, just imagine! So many scientists have looked at the intricacies of the universe and life and at the odds involved in evolution and jumped ship. The universe has too many oddities for the typical theories of origin to fit. Too many anomalies. As for evolution of life, you can actually find statements of “evolutionary” scientists who acknowledge that evolution as it is being taught is a practical impossibility. They are not ready to jump onto the Creator ship, but they are acknowledging a designer. Even Dawkins is looking at the idea of aliens bringing us here because, even with the billions of years of age they say the universe has, they have to acknowledge there isn’t enough time for even the amino acids to begin developing. But that just pushes the question outward. How did the aliens come about?

So, we are really left with only two alternatives. Somehow, the universe “magically” came into existence or it was designed and created. Same with evolution. There is no solid evidence for evolution and what they present as “evidence” is based upon unproven assumptions. So, again, we are left with life somehow “magically” coming out of rocks or some primordial soup or it was intricately designed and created.

Do you know what is truly amazing that most people miss? BOTH positions are based upon FAITH! It takes faith to believe we came from rocks and soup. It takes faith to believe we have a Creator. Which takes more faith? To believe we accidentally came about? Or to believe something designed it all with care?

Just imagine for a moment we do have a Creator. What would a being with enough intelligence and power to be able to design such an intricate and vast universe with all the natural laws that keep holding it together and keep it running be like? That being would be so much greater than us that I don’t think we could even begin to comprehend it. Meeting that being would shock us, maybe even kill us! Talk about awe-inspiring!

A being that would do all of this would have a reason for doing it. Would have a purpose for it. I would think that being would want the created to know of its existence…maybe even want relationship with us. Imagine that! How would such a vast and powerful being communicate with us? On a level we can understand! It would appear as something at least a little comprehensible to us. It would use human relationship as a parallel, perhaps, appearing as a parent or a spouse. It might even become one of us, take on our form, so that we could have a way to relate with it.

Hmmm…sounds a lot like the G-d of the bible to me. Our Creator has appeared to us at times. But even more than that, we started off in relationship with the Creator. From the very beginning, mankind knew the Creator. We are the ones who drew away. Such a wonderful universe created for us! That is LOVE! Such a wise Creator who knows how we should live. But we rebelled. And we have been suffering because of that rebellion ever since. But here’s the thing. Our Creator, being all wise, knew we would do that and already had a plan in place for our well-being. That plan came to fruition when the Creator sent a part of itself in the form of a man…a Son, as it were. The Creator had already presented itself as a loving Father. Then He sent His Son. Now, we await the next part of His plan.

People sometimes get hung up on the seeming “maleness” of G-d. But, if you read carefully, He also has feminine characteristics. He is Spirit, neither male or female, but with elements of both. We are made in His image…male and female. It is just awkward in our language to use the impersonal pronoun of “it”, so we use “he”. No big deal. In a similar fashion, “mankind” represents both genders. It is that way in many languages.

So, imagine it! A vast universe! An amazing array of life from plants to flying creatures to sea creatures to land creatures to human beings! Hmmm…look at our language. From ancient times our language came and we still call living things “creatures”. The very name uses the same root for Creator. Our own language passes down the truth.

Some say we are evolving and getting better and better. Really? I look around me and see darkness rising and humankind’s devastating deeds against other humans increasing, not decreasing. I see devolution, if anything. I don’t think we are getting smarter. I think we are getting dumber. Technology does not make us smart. And smartness is not simply intelligence. It also incorporates wisdom and wisdom is something I see as sorely lacking. The farther away we get from the Creator’s ways, the more horrible we are to one another, to living creatures and to our planet. In addition, we add 100 DNA imperfections to each generation. We pass down our own and add another 100. Doesn’t sound like we are getting better to me.

To those who say more evil has been done in the name of religion, I have two things to say. First of all, religion is a man made construct. If you look at the scriptures, yes, there are “rituals”, but look underneath it all. What the Creator really wants is relationship based upon love and faithfulness. He compares Himself to a husband so many times. And just as a loving husband hates it if his wife is unfaithful (and vice versa), so G-d grieves when His creation runs after other “gods”, including the god of self. And just as a loving parent has to discipline the children for their own good, so G-d disciplines us. He put a stop to things like cultures that sacrificed their children or sexually abused them. He gave them chance after chance to change, but when they refused, yeah, he took them out. In the same manner, we try to remove from our own society those who hurt others.

Secondly, if you really study history, you will find many atheistic regimes that slaughtered millions of people. Some, like in Russia, especially targeted anyone who was religious in any manner. Something like 7 million, I believe I just read, were slaughtered in Russia alone. Then there was Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge and so on. People who misguidedly use religion as a reason to kill (think ISIS, for example) are not representing the Creator. Yes, religion is at the center of a lot of killing. Sometimes, it is people incorrectly using religion to justify their killing. Other times, it is the religious being targeted for death and destruction.

Please think about it. Don’t allow the evil people do in the name of “religion” to keep you from seeking the One who is above “religion”…the One who wants relationship with YOU. The One who promises to reveal Himself to all who seek Him with all their heart.

He won’t force Himself. His taking out evil cultures is not forcing anyone into relationship with Him. You can choose. But consider this…you were designed and created to be in a good relationship with your Creator. That is why, ultimately, nothing in this world will completely satisfy the deepest longings of your heart. You can cover those longings with all the things of this world…success, money, power, alcohol, drugs, sex, beauty and so on. But none of those things will ultimately bring fulfillment and real lasting peace. Only the Creator can give you that.

So, please, seek Him while you still have time. You do not know if you have another year, month, week, hour or even your next breath. Seek Him NOW!


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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