Kim Davis — not so black and white

NOTE: I am updating this as I get more information. (Please excuse typos. Sometimes, I use my Tablet and it is tedious at best.) I will put the latest updates  at the bottom and mark them as such.

A  lot of people think the situation with Kim Davis is black and white. It is not. Experts don’t even agree on this.

Here are some links to articles that present various opinions on what is going on with Kim Davis, the clerk in KY who refused to issue marriage licenses and is now in jail. Read and consider. They all raise interesting questions and do not all agree with each other. Some say she is upholding the law. Others say she is breaking the law. Some address KY law. Some address federal law.

Also, 57 KY clerks saw what was coming and begged their leaders months ago to put something in place to protect them. Nothing was done. I can’t remember where I read it. It might be in one of the links below.

The first one has a bunch of varying thoughts and opinions by an assortment of Christian leaders. Not all agree with what she is doing.

Here is her statement.

This is from KY’s former governor. He proposed a simple plan months ago to avoid this.

In this one, at the end, Ted Cruz cites Justices Roberts and Scalia. They were dissenters to the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA. One of them warned that it would lead to this.

This one is from her lawyer and  explains some truths about Kim and what she wanted.

This is a related article, although not about Kim Davis, per se.

Latest update: Sept 6 Madonna’s Gay Brother supports Kim Davis

Kim Davis not the only one

More backlash:


UPDATE: Sept 7


Sept 8


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