MJAA Helps the Poor of Israel

MJAA helps the poor amongst the people of Israel. This is info on their latest warehouse.

S’derot: “Planting a Flag in the Face of the Enemy”

By: Danielle Chaya 

A Column picture.jpgFor over twelve years, the southern Israeli town of Sderot has been a victim of violent assault. Located in the western Negev desert, just a mile from the Hamas-controlled Gaza border, Sderot has long been one of Hamas’s main targets of terrorism. Since 2007, the terrorist group has fired over 2,000 rockets at this city, compelling many of its residents to move to safer areas. The rest—the poor—are forced to remain and live in a state of constant fear, never knowing where or when the next bomb will drop.

In late 2012, Hamas stepped up their aggression and rained down more rocket attacks on Southern Israel, including the much beleaguered Sderot. While Israel’s new Iron Dome missile defense has been a critical tool to intercept rockets aimed at cities in Israel, this once beautiful village lies so close to the Gaza border that there can be as little as 15 seconds for adults and children to find safety, after a siren is sounded to let everyone know that another rocket has been launched at them. Homes have been destroyed, schools forced to shut down, families cut off from electricity, running water and access to food and medical supplies.

A Column picture truck.jpgDuring this tumultuous time, the MJAA was able to support the people of this region. At the height of the recent conflict, an MJAA sponsored supply truck was able to enter the bomb zone and deliver 300 survival kits to families in need, and we will continue to provide aid to children, the elderly and families. Today, 10% percent of the children of these needy families are on the streets begging for money; that’s up seven percent from last year. Twenty-seven percent of children in Israel experience full days without food, also up by seven percent from last year (Latet, 2012).

Thankfully, this latest round of attacks has ceased—at least for the time being. However, there is little hope among Israelis that this cease-fire is permanent. Likewise, the people of Sderot have little hope that their lives will improve.

The Lord knows the times and seasons. He always prepares those who listen to and heed His leading. Three years ago, the Lord imparted a vision to the MJAA’s General Secretary, Joel Chernoff. Joel heard the words: “Plant the flag in the face of the enemy” and understood this to be the Lord directing the MJAA to establish warehouses and support aid centers in Israeli cities most vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

This vision was to begin in Sderot, in the face of Gaza terrorism. Currently, the MJAA is financially and materially supporting multiple humanitarian aid centers in Sderot, supplying them with food, medical supplies and other goods. In the last few years, the MJAA delivered most of our aid from our primary warehouse located in central Israel. However, the continuous attacks on Israel’s southern border made it clear that the MJAA needed to establish a more significant presence in Sderot.

A Column picture warehouse inside.jpg A Column picture warehouse outside.jpg

In 2012, after a lengthy search, the MJAA Israel Relief leased property in Sderot and began the process of working with the landlord to renovate the 11,300 sq. foot building into a fully functional warehouse, with extra space to assist the local aid centers. The location is less than two miles from the Gaza border, and will allow us to serve the people of southern Israel, from Ashkelon to Ashdod. It is a new warehouse, so the insurance/fire code installations are in process and very soon it will be racked three levels high and stocked with supplies to give to the needy now and also in preparation for any other disaster.

We know that this center will be a blessing to this besieged city and the surrounding area. The MJAA is choosing to set down roots, to “plant a flag” in places where many have chosen to leave because of hardship. We are excited to continue to move forward in the vision and path that the Lord has laid out for us. “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.” Habakkuk 3:2a

Please continue to stand in prayer with us for both the work that God has called the MJAA to do in Sderot and for the people of this city (and in other parts of the country) who have had to daily endure the missile attacks against their homes. We thank you for your continuous support that enables us to do this special work.

VIDEO 1: See General Secretary Joel Chernoff in our new Sderot warehouse, explaining the vision that God imparted to the MJAA for this facility.

VIDEO 2: Take a tour of our new warehouse. See how YOUR support has enabled us to accomplish mighty exploits for the people of Sderot!

VIDEO 3: Watch about how the city of Sderot is continually attacked, and how you are able to partner with the MJAA to make a difference!


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