Keeping Up With the World Around Me

I try to keep up with the news, but there are so many sources out there and so much happening that it is difficult and can be very time-consuming.  Therefore, I have to keep an eye on how much time I spend on reading the news. I try to find the “best” (and I use that word very cautiously and almost tongue in cheek) news sources for each area of interest.

There are several Israeli news sources that I am subscribed to via email. I also listen each week to the only English talk show broadcast live from Israel. In addition to helping me understand what is happening over there, it is also interesting to read and hear their viewpoint of what is happening here. in fact, I find the latter to be true of just about any foreign news source.

We don’t have “TV”, so my news sources are all Internet, whether it is through sites or email. When I sign out of one of my Yahoo emails, I typically will do a quick perusal of their news, but I have to be careful not to get caught up in it. There is a lot of what I call “trash” news or “gossip” news which I do not want to waste my time upon.

I also get some news through what others post on Facebook, but I am trying to stay off Facebook more because I find it interferes with simply living life. I do NOT want to spend so much of my day behind a computer screen, especially if it is not “filling my bucket”. (It is something I am working out in my life.)

I also have to watch my emotional response to the news. There are some things going on that are concerning, negative and heartbreaking, in addition to things that are upbeat and positive.  If I am not careful, I can find myself being pulled down emotionally by the negative things. Typically, the negative news drives me to prayer, but if I am over tired or dealing with something personal in my life, it can be harder to stay in neutral. When that happens, I realize that I need to take a break from the negative.  Overall, I try to read from both sides of the spectrum.

I want to know what is happening in Israel, in my country and in the world at large. I want to know about technological and real medical breakthroughs. I write “real medical breakthroughs” because I believe that so many (not all) of our health problems have to do with not eating G-d’s way, but that is a subject for another post. I like to see how we can overcome things not caused by a poor diet and lifestyle.

Well, this is my “morning” (it is actually 1:00PM) blurb for today. I have things to do and may write a bit more later. I hope your day is filled with blessings and that you enjoy this photo!





About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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2 Responses to Keeping Up With the World Around Me

  1. Jackie Holden says:

    Wow I DO love that photo Abigail. It’s a good little camera and the insect looked so peaceful on Elias’s arm; I presume it is Elias’s arm. Another piece of education for him, learning all about this insect and thinking what a wonderful Creator we have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings; reading your thoughts and feelings on these subjects makes me ponder on mine. I agree with you on these topics. I have had to reassess some things in my life. I just think of the Song of Solomon…I posted it on Facebook:

    Jackie Holden
    December 27, 2011
    You that dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice: let me hear it. Make haste, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag upon the mountains of spices. Song of Solomon 8:13-14

    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
    These verses close the conference between Christ and his church. He first addresses her as dwelling in the gardens, the assemblies and ordinances of his saints. He exhorts her to be constant and frequent in prayers, supplications, and praises, in which he delights. She replies, craving his speedy return to take her to be wholly with Him. The heavens, those high mountains of sweet spices, must contain Christ, till the times come, when every eye shall see him, in all the glory of the better world. True believers as they are looking for, so they are hastening to the coming of that day of the Lord. Let every Christian endeavour to perform the duties of his station, that men may see his good works, and glorify his heavenly Father. Continuing earnest in prayer for what we want, our thanksgivings will abound, and our joy will be full; our souls will be enriched, and our labours prospered. We shall be enabled to look forward to death and judgment without fear. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.END

    What I wrote in December regarding the Lord wanting to hear our voice has been coming back to my mind. I chatter away with my friends but how often to I chat with my Heavenly Bridegroom? A lot of the books I am reading were written over a 100 years ago and the writers are speaking about their communion with the Lord. I suppose a 100 years ago our world was a very different place…not so many people and not noisy traffic everywhere 🙂

    • Abigail says:

      He loves bugs and critters. I think life is going to always be filled with re-assessments. There is so much more I could photograph and video and so much more I could write, if I were not on Facebook so much. That almost sounds funny since people do write on Facebook, but it is not the same. I think you know what I mean.

      Lovely post. Thank you. 🙂

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