Shabbat Prayer – Words

Abba…when Your people were in the desert, You gave them Your words.
How precious those words are!

May we pay attention to those words
and to all the other words that You have given us since then.

Thank You, Abba, for Your words that teach us how to live
and how to be in right relationship with You.
May we never ignore them,
but may we learn them and hold them close.

Thank You that You are writing Your words
upon the hearts of Your people.

Thank You for these words that bring life.

Thank You for Your indwelling Ruach
who helps us to understand all these precious words.

Thank You for giving us mouths
so that our words may bless You and others.

Baruch attah ADONAI, eloheinu, melech haolam!
Blessed are You, O L-RD, our G-d, King of the universe!
You are the Creator of all things!

You are mighty in battle
and You fight for Your people.

You are a strong Tower for us to run into.

You have Wings that cover us and protect us.

You are a Rock for us to stand on
and near it we find shelter.

You provide for us.

You shield us from the hands of our enemies.

You walk alongside us.

You are awesome in every way.

May our lives reflect Your glory.
May people see You when they look at us.

May we be faithful to You,
faithful to be Your hands,
faithful to speak Your words,
faithful to go where You go,
faithful to visit the lonely,
faithful to clothe the naked,
faithful to visit the sick,
faithful to feed the hungry,
faithful to visit prisoners,
faithful to bring drink to the thirsty,
faithful to bring Your words to all who need them,
faithful to declare freedom to captives,
faithful to share Your healing Shalom.

Abba, You have blessed us with SO much.
Open our eyes to see Your many blessings.
Help us to look to You and not to our circumstances.
Help us to see You IN all our circumstances,
to see Your hand in all things.

We know nothing happens that You do not either cause or allow.
What You cause in our lives is good for us
and what You allow You turn to good for us.

May we trust You in ALL things.

Help us to love You with
all our hearts,
all our souls,
all our minds,
all our strengths.

Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Help us to love one another.

b’shem Yeshua


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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2 Responses to Shabbat Prayer – Words

  1. Jackie Holden says:

    Amen. I read this today and I struggled with it a bit: ‘This is a lesson the mourner needs to learn. It is God himself who has smitten you, my afflicted friend. It becomes you to say with one of old, “I was dumb; I opened not my mouth, because You did it.” I repeat it, it was God himself, and not another, who struck the blow. And he meant to do it. “Behold, he takes away. Who can hinder him; who shall say unto him, What do you?”‘

    It’s hard for my carnal mind to grasp the Lord smote me when I was smote in the past. I had not thought it was the Lord. It’s hard for me to comprehend Him making me suffer (tears), but I know I can say if I had not been smote I don’t think I would come to Him freely. I can see my sin back then very clearly indeed. So, I am happy my suffering made me want to forsake my life of sin. Thank You L-RD

    • Abigail says:

      When we persist in some sin, something that is not good for us, Abba will sometimes cause things to happen. Most of the time, though, I think He merely lifts His hand of protection from us and allows the normal course of a fallen world to take place. Either way, whether He causes something to happen or allows it to happen, He has a reason and a purpose. Sometimes, it is for correction or training. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with us, but is for others around us.

      Job was not afflicted due to sin (although others have been). Yet, Abba turned that affliction into something good for him. During his trial, there is an interesting progression. Job 1:22 says that Job neither committed a sin nor put blame on G-d. In 2:10, in responding to his wife, it says that Job did not say a sinful word. He puts his trust in Adonai. I do not believe its says anything like that again.

      Then his three “friends” come along, with a fourth man coming later. It is not until the three friends show up that Job starts to speak negatively. He starts with basically cursing himself and moves on from there.

      He starts to become rather self-righteous and full of himself, which Abba does correct later, albeit not in a harsh way…just with His presence and His words. In fact, in the end He turns around and blesses Job even more than He had blessed him previously after Job humbles himself.

      I think the first thing we need to do when afflicted in any way is to ask if there is sin in our lives that needs to be confessed and turned away from. We need to ask if we have come to the table unrighteously. If nothing is there, then we need to ask for Abba to show us what He sees and/or to help us be patient while He works out with us whatever it is He is doing.

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