Shabbat Shalom – Korach

Abba…this week we read about Korach and the rebellion he led.
We read about how he influenced his neighbors with lashon hara/evil speech.
We read about how his neighbors listened to lashon hara,
thus being pulled into someone else’s argument.

How often do we do that in our own lives, Abba?
Are we careful to guard our hearts from which come our words?
Are we careful about what we listen to
and what we get involved in?
Do we take issues directly to the person involved?
Or do we speak against that person to others?
Do we give the leaders in our midst the respect and support they need?
When we have an issue do we take it to them privately?
Or do we complain about them to others,
bringing down their reputations with needless gossip,
with lashon hara?

How many splits and divisions, Abba, would never have taken place
in the body of Yeshua
if we had guarded our hearts and minds
in Messiah Yeshua
instead of allowing evil thoughts
followed by evil words?

Abba, please help us to face the truth about what we harbor in our hearts!
May our hearts NEVER be a place
for grumbling and complaining to take root and grow.
May love, joy and Shalom grow there instead!
May we cultivate long-suffering, kindness and goodness.
May we reap a harvest of faithfulness, humility and self-control.
May the gardens of our hearts bloom extravagantly
with the fruit of Your Ruach and may the weeds of this world
be completely uprooted.

May we run, Abba, from all that is contrary to
Your will,
Your heart,
Your Word,
Your Truth,
Your Love!

May we submit first to You,
then to one another,
humbly acknowledging Your Ruach
in each other.
May we serve others and
honor them above ourselves.

May we judge righteously,
as You have called us to do,
and then may we reach out
to others,
not with condemnation,
but with Your True Love.

May we encourage
rather than chastise.
May our words be filled
with grace and mercy.
May we consider others
as we want to be considered…
with understanding and love.

May those of us who lead in any way,
whether officially or not,
do so wisely,
showing grace and mercy,
having the hearts of true undershepherds.

May those of us who are not called to leadership
support those who are,
coming alongside them
with words of encouragement
to give strength.

May we all walk in the spiritual gifts
You have given us.
May we use our talents and abilities
for Your glory and Your kingdom.
May we not seek our own glory.
Rather, may we be willing to even serve invisibly,
behind the scenes where no one may ever see us,
so that only the result of our work is visible.

May we love You with
all of our hearts,
all of our minds,
all of our souls,
and all of our might.

May we love our neighbors
as we love ourselves.

May we love one another
as Yeshua, our Rabbi, has commanded us.

Abba, please bring Your Shalom to
and to Erets Yisra’el.
Please protect the people there
in a mighty way
from the enemies that surround them on every side.

I praise You that so many of Your Jewish people
are accepting Yeshua as Mashiach.
I pray that the moving of Your Ruach amongst them
will not only continue,
but that it will raise to a crescendo.

Help us to be ready as the time of
Mashiach’s coming gets closer and closer.
May we be a prepared Bride,
spotless and pure,
listening for the trumpet call
of our Groom!

B’shem Yeshua


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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