Holiness — the Scriptures

Holiness — the Scriptures

See the previous post for the meanings of the words: Holiness — the Roots

qôdesh/Kodesh (H6944):
Exo_3:5; Exo_12:16; Exo_15:11; Exo_15:13; Exo_16:23; Exo_22:31; Exo_26:33; Exo_26:34; Exo_28:2; Exo_28:4; Exo_28:29; Exo_28:35; Exo_28:36; Exo_28:38; Exo_28:43; Exo_29:6; Exo_29:29; Exo_29:30; Exo_29:33; Exo_29:34; Exo_29:37; Exo_30:10; Exo_30:13; Exo_30:24; Exo_30:25; Exo_30:29; Exo_30:31; Exo_30:32; Exo_30:35; Exo_30:36; Exo_30:37; Exo_31:10; Exo_31:11; Exo_31:14; Exo_31:15; Exo_35:2; Exo_35:19; Exo_35:21; Exo_36:1; Exo_36:3; Exo_36:4; Exo_36:6; Exo_37:29; Exo_38:24; Exo_38:25; Exo_38:26; Exo_38:27; Exo_39:1; Exo_39:30; Exo_39:41; Exo_40:9; Exo_40:10; Exo_40:13; Lev_2:3; Lev_2:10; Lev_4:6; Lev_5:15; Lev_5:16; Lev_6:17; Lev_6:25; Lev_6:29; Lev_6:30; Lev_7:1; Lev_7:6; Lev_8:9; Lev_10:4; Lev_10:10; Lev_10:12; Lev_10:17; Lev_10:18; Lev_12:4; Lev_14:13; Lev_16:2; Lev_16:3; Lev_16:4; Lev_16:16; Lev_16:17; Lev_16:20; Lev_16:23; Lev_16:27; Lev_16:32; Lev_16:33; Lev_19:8; Lev_19:24; Lev_20:3; Lev_20:7; Lev_21:6; Lev_21:22; Lev_22:2; Lev_22:3; Lev_22:4; Lev_22:6; Lev_22:7; Lev_22:10; Lev_22:14; Lev_22:15; Lev_22:16; Lev_22:32; Lev_23:2; Lev_23:3; Lev_23:4; Lev_23:7; Lev_23:8; Lev_23:20; Lev_23:21; Lev_23:24; Lev_23:27; Lev_23:35; Lev_23:36; Lev_23:37; Lev_24:9; Lev_25:12; Lev_27:3; Lev_27:9; Lev_27:10; Lev_27:14; Lev_27:21; Lev_27:23; Lev_27:25; Lev_27:28; Lev_27:30; Lev_27:32; Lev_27:33; Num_3:28; Num_3:31; Num_3:32; Num_3:47; Num_3:50; Num_4:4; Num_4:12; Num_4:15; Num_4:16; Num_4:19; Num_4:20; Num_5:9; Num_5:10; Num_6:20; Num_7:9; Num_7:13; Num_7:19; Num_7:25; Num_7:31; Num_7:37; Num_7:43; Num_7:49; Num_7:55; Num_7:61; Num_7:67; Num_7:73; Num_7:79; Num_7:85; Num_7:86; Num_8:19; Num_18:3; Num_18:5; Num_18:8; Num_18:9; Num_18:10; Num_18:16; Num_18:17; Num_18:19; Num_18:32; Num_28:7; Num_28:18; Num_28:25; Num_28:26; Num_29:1; Num_29:7; Num_29:12; Num_31:6; Num_35:25; Deu_12:26; Deu_26:13; Deu_26:15; Deu_33:2; Jos_5:15; Jos_6:19; 1Sa_21:4; 1Sa_21:5; 1Sa_21:6; 1Ki_6:16; 1Ki_7:50; 1Ki_7:51; 1Ki_8:4; 1Ki_8:6; 1Ki_8:8; 1Ki_8:10; 1Ki_15:15; 2Ki_12:4; 2Ki_12:18; 1Ch_6:49; 1Ch_9:29; 1Ch_16:10; 1Ch_16:29; 1Ch_16:35; 1Ch_22:19; 1Ch_23:13; 1Ch_23:28; 1Ch_23:32; 1Ch_24:5; 1Ch_26:20; 1Ch_26:26; 1Ch_28:12; 1Ch_29:3; 1Ch_29:16; 2Ch_3:8; 2Ch_3:10; 2Ch_4:22; 2Ch_5:1; 2Ch_5:5; 2Ch_5:7; 2Ch_5:11; 2Ch_8:11; 2Ch_15:18; 2Ch_20:21; 2Ch_23:6; 2Ch_24:7; 2Ch_29:5; 2Ch_29:7; 2Ch_29:33; 2Ch_30:19; 2Ch_30:27; 2Ch_31:6; 2Ch_31:12; 2Ch_31:14; 2Ch_31:18; 2Ch_35:3; 2Ch_35:5; 2Ch_35:13; Ezr_2:63; Ezr_8:28; Ezr_9:2; Ezr_9:8; Neh_7:65; Neh_9:14; Neh_10:31; Neh_10:33; Neh_11:1; Neh_11:18; Psa_2:6; Psa_3:4; Psa_5:7; Psa_11:4; Psa_15:1; Psa_20:2; Psa_20:6; Psa_24:3; Psa_28:2; Psa_29:2; Psa_30:4; Psa_33:21; Psa_43:3; Psa_47:8; Psa_48:1; Psa_51:11; Psa_60:6; Psa_63:2; Psa_68:5; Psa_68:17; Psa_68:24; Psa_74:3; Psa_77:13; Psa_78:54; Psa_79:1; Psa_87:1; Psa_89:20; Psa_89:35; Psa_93:5; Psa_96:9; Psa_97:12; Psa_98:1; Psa_99:9; Psa_102:19; Psa_103:1; Psa_105:3; Psa_105:42; Psa_106:47; Psa_108:7; Psa_110:3; Psa_114:2; Psa_134:2; Psa_138:2; Psa_145:21; Psa_150:1; Pro_20:25; Isa_6:13; Isa_11:9; Isa_23:18; Isa_27:13; Isa_35:8; Isa_43:28; Isa_48:2; Isa_52:1; Isa_52:10; Isa_56:7; Isa_57:13; Isa_58:13; Isa_62:9; Isa_62:12; Isa_63:10; Isa_63:11; Isa_63:15; Isa_63:18; Isa_64:10; Isa_64:11; Isa_65:11; Isa_65:25; Isa_66:20; Jer_2:3; Jer_11:15; Jer_23:9; Jer_25:30; Jer_31:23; Jer_31:40; Lam_4:1; Eze_20:39; Eze_20:40; Eze_22:8; Eze_22:26; Eze_28:14; Eze_36:20; Eze_36:21; Eze_36:22; Eze_36:38; Eze_39:7; Eze_39:25; Eze_41:4; Eze_41:21; Eze_41:23; Eze_42:13; Eze_42:14; Eze_42:20; Eze_43:7; Eze_43:8; Eze_43:12; Eze_44:8; Eze_44:13; Eze_44:19; Eze_44:23; Eze_44:27; Eze_45:1; Eze_45:2; Eze_45:3; Eze_45:4; Eze_45:6; Eze_45:7; Eze_46:19; Eze_48:10; Eze_48:12; Eze_48:14; Eze_48:18; Eze_48:20; Eze_48:21; Dan_8:13; Dan_8:14; Dan_9:16; Dan_9:20; Dan_9:24; Dan_9:26; Dan_11:28; Dan_11:30; Dan_11:45; Dan_12:7; Joe_2:1; Joe_3:17; Amo_2:7; Amo_4:2; Oba_1:16; Oba_1:17; Jon_2:4; Jon_2:7; Mic_1:2; Hab_2:20; Zep_3:4; Zep_3:11; Hag_2:12; Zec_2:12; Zec_2:13; Zec_8:3; Zec_14:20; Zec_14:21; Mal_2:11;

qâdash/Kadash (H6942):
Gen_2:3; Exo_13:2; Exo_19:10; Exo_19:14; Exo_19:22; Exo_19:23; Exo_20:8; Exo_20:11; Exo_28:3; Exo_28:38; Exo_28:41; Exo_29:1; Exo_29:21; Exo_29:27; Exo_29:33; Exo_29:36; Exo_29:37; Exo_29:43; Exo_29:44; Exo_30:29; Exo_30:30; Exo_31:13; Exo_40:9; Exo_40:10; Exo_40:11; Exo_40:13; Lev_6:18; Lev_6:27; Lev_8:10; Lev_8:11; Lev_8:12; Lev_8:15; Lev_8:30; Lev_10:3; Lev_11:44; Lev_16:19; Lev_20:7; Lev_20:8; Lev_21:8; Lev_21:15; Lev_21:23; Lev_22:2; Lev_22:3; Lev_22:9; Lev_22:16; Lev_22:32; Lev_25:10; Lev_27:14; Lev_27:15; Lev_27:16; Lev_27:17; Lev_27:18; Lev_27:19; Lev_27:22; Lev_27:26; Num_3:13; Num_6:11; Num_7:1; Num_8:17; Num_11:18; Num_16:37; Num_16:38; Num_20:12; Num_20:13; Num_27:14; Deu_5:12; Deu_15:19; Deu_22:9; Deu_32:51; Jos_3:5; Jos_7:13; Jos_20:7; Jdg_17:3; 1Sa_7:1; 1Sa_16:5; 2Sa_8:11; 2Sa_11:4; 1Ki_8:64; 1Ki_9:3; 1Ki_9:7; 2Ki_10:20; 2Ki_12:18; 1Ch_15:12; 1Ch_15:14; 1Ch_18:11; 1Ch_23:13; 1Ch_26:26; 1Ch_26:27; 1Ch_26:28; 2Ch_2:4; 2Ch_5:11; 2Ch_7:7; 2Ch_7:16; 2Ch_7:20; 2Ch_26:18; 2Ch_29:5; 2Ch_29:15; 2Ch_29:17; 2Ch_29:19; 2Ch_29:34; 2Ch_30:3; 2Ch_30:8; 2Ch_30:15; 2Ch_30:17; 2Ch_30:24; 2Ch_31:6; 2Ch_31:18; 2Ch_35:6; 2Ch_36:14; Ezr_3:5; Neh_3:1; Neh_12:47; Neh_13:22; Job_1:5; Isa_5:16; Isa_8:13; Isa_13:3; Isa_29:23; Isa_30:29; Isa_65:5; Isa_66:17; Jer_1:5; Jer_6:4; Jer_12:3; Jer_17:22; Jer_17:24; Jer_17:27; Jer_22:7; Jer_51:27; Jer_51:28; Eze_7:24; Eze_20:12; Eze_20:20; Eze_20:41; Eze_28:22; Eze_28:25; Eze_36:23; Eze_37:28; Eze_38:16; Eze_38:23; Eze_39:27; Eze_44:19; Eze_44:24; Eze_46:20; Eze_48:11; Joe_1:14; Joe_2:15; Joe_2:16; Joe_3:9; Mic_3:5; Zep_1:7; Hag_2:12;

qâdôsh/Kadosh (H6918):
Exo_19:6; Exo_29:31; Lev_6:16; Lev_6:26; Lev_6:27; Lev_7:6; Lev_10:13; Lev_11:44; Lev_11:45; Lev_16:24; Lev_19:2; Lev_20:26; Lev_21:6; Lev_21:7; Lev_21:8; Lev_24:9; Num_5:17; Num_6:5; Num_6:8; Num_15:40; Num_16:3; Num_16:5; Num_16:7; Deu_7:6; Deu_14:2; Deu_14:21; Deu_23:14; Deu_26:19; Deu_28:9; Deu_33:3; Jos_24:19; 1Sa_2:2; 1Sa_6:20; 2Ki_4:9; 2Ki_19:22; 2Ch_35:3; Neh_8:9; Neh_8:10; Neh_8:11; Job_5:1; Job_6:10; Job_15:15; Psa_16:3; Psa_22:3; Psa_34:9; Psa_46:4; Psa_65:4; Psa_71:22; Psa_78:41; Psa_89:5; Psa_89:7; Psa_89:18; Psa_99:3; Psa_99:5; Psa_99:9; Psa_106:16; Psa_111:9; Pro_9:10; Pro_30:3; Ecc_8:10; Isa_1:4; Isa_4:3; Isa_5:16; Isa_5:19; Isa_5:24; Isa_6:3; Isa_10:17; Isa_10:20; Isa_12:6; Isa_17:7; Isa_29:19; Isa_29:23; Isa_30:11; Isa_30:12; Isa_30:15; Isa_31:1; Isa_37:23; Isa_40:25; Isa_41:14; Isa_41:16; Isa_41:20; Isa_43:3; Isa_43:14; Isa_43:15; Isa_45:11; Isa_47:4; Isa_48:17; Isa_49:7; Isa_54:5; Isa_55:5; Isa_57:15; Isa_58:13; Isa_60:9; Isa_60:14; Jer_50:29; Jer_51:5; Eze_39:7; Eze_42:13; Dan_8:13; Dan_8:24; Hos_11:9; Hos_11:12; Hab_1:12; Hab_3:3; Zec_14:5;

hagiazō (G37):
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hagios (G40):
Mat_1:18; Mat_1:20; Mat_3:11; Mat_4:5; Mat_7:6; Mat_12:32; Mat_24:15; Mat_27:52; Mat_27:53; Mat_28:19; Mar_1:8; Mar_1:24; Mar_3:29; Mar_6:20; Mar_8:38; Mar_12:36; Mar_13:11; Luk_1:15; Luk_1:35; Luk_1:41; Luk_1:49; Luk_1:67; Luk_1:70; Luk_1:72; Luk_2:23; Luk_2:25; Luk_2:26; Luk_3:16; Luk_3:22; Luk_4:1; Luk_4:34; Luk_9:26; Luk_10:21; Luk_11:13; Luk_12:10; Luk_12:12; Joh_1:33; Joh_6:69; Joh_14:26; Joh_17:11; Joh_20:22; Act_1:2; Act_1:5; Act_1:8; Act_1:16; Act_2:4; Act_2:33; Act_2:38; Act_3:14; Act_3:21; Act_4:8; Act_4:25; Act_4:27; Act_4:30; Act_4:31; Act_5:3; Act_5:32; Act_6:5; Act_6:13; Act_7:33; Act_7:51; Act_7:55; Act_8:15; Act_8:17; Act_8:19; Act_9:13; Act_9:17; Act_9:31; Act_9:32; Act_9:41; Act_10:22; Act_10:38; Act_10:44; Act_10:45; Act_10:47; Act_11:15; Act_11:16; Act_11:24; Act_13:2; Act_13:4; Act_13:9; Act_13:52; Act_15:8; Act_15:28; Act_16:6; Act_19:2; Act_19:6; Act_20:23; Act_20:28; Act_21:11; Act_21:28; Act_26:10; Act_28:25; Rom_1:2; Rom_1:7; Rom_5:5; Rom_7:12; Rom_8:27; Rom_9:1; Rom_11:16; Rom_12:1; Rom_12:13; Rom_14:17; Rom_15:13; Rom_15:16; Rom_15:25; Rom_15:26; Rom_15:31; Rom_16:2; Rom_16:15; Rom_16:16; 1Co_1:2; 1Co_3:17; 1Co_6:1; 1Co_6:2; 1Co_6:19; 1Co_7:14; 1Co_7:34; 1Co_12:3; 1Co_14:33; 1Co_16:1; 1Co_16:15; 1Co_16:20; 2Co_1:1; 2Co_6:6; 2Co_8:4; 2Co_9:1; 2Co_9:12; 2Co_13:12; 2Co_13:13; 2Co_13:14; Eph_1:1; Eph_1:4; Eph_1:13; Eph_1:15; Eph_1:18; Eph_2:19; Eph_2:21; Eph_3:5; Eph_3:8; Eph_3:18; Eph_4:12; Eph_4:30; Eph_5:3; Eph_5:27; Eph_6:18; Php_1:1; Php_4:21; Php_4:22; Col_1:2; Col_1:4; Col_1:12; Col_1:22; Col_1:26; Col_3:12; 1Th_1:5; 1Th_1:6; 1Th_3:13; 1Th_4:8; 1Th_5:26; 2Th_1:10; 1Ti_5:10; 2Ti_1:9; 2Ti_1:14; Tit_3:5; Phm_1:5; Phm_1:7; Heb_2:4; Heb_3:1; Heb_3:7; Heb_6:4; Heb_6:10; Heb_8:2; Heb_9:1; Heb_9:2; Heb_9:3; Heb_9:8; Heb_9:12; Heb_9:24; Heb_9:25; Heb_10:15; Heb_10:19; Heb_13:11; Heb_13:24; 1Pe_1:12; 1Pe_1:15; 1Pe_1:16; 1Pe_2:5; 1Pe_2:9; 1Pe_3:5; 2Pe_1:18; 2Pe_1:21; 2Pe_2:21; 2Pe_3:2; 2Pe_3:11; 1Jn_2:20; Jud_1:3; Jud_1:14; Jud_1:20; Rev_3:7; Rev_4:8; Rev_5:8; Rev_6:10; Rev_8:3; Rev_8:4; Rev_11:2; Rev_11:18; Rev_13:7; Rev_13:10; Rev_14:10; Rev_14:12; Rev_16:6; Rev_17:6; Rev_18:20; Rev_18:24; Rev_19:8; Rev_20:6; Rev_20:9; Rev_21:2; Rev_21:10; Rev_22:11; Rev_22:19;

hagnos (G53):
2Co_7:11; 2Co_11:2; Php_4:8; 1Ti_5:22; Tit_2:5; Jas_3:17; 1Pe_3:2; 1Jn_3:3;

thalpō (G2282):
Eph_5:29; 1Th_2:7;

How beautiful are His words to us!

About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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