Instantaneous Automatic Blog Post Likes…grrr! Or…Blogging Etiquette!

It is very obvious when you get an instantaneous like on a post you publish that it is not a true like. No one even had time to read it and decide to like it. It is simply a program someone figured out how to use that automatically likes new posts. I noticed this on the previous post I did today and I have to wonder how many other posts this same blog automatically liked today…or will like today? I wonder, too, if there are programs with a time delay!

While it is nice to have people liking my blog posts, I prefer that they be genuine likes. I want people to take a few minutes to read it and THEN decide that they like it! I am not into numbers for the sake of numbers and, even if I was, that would make automatic likes even MORE annoying! They skew your stats! They don’t truly reflect the popularity of a blog.

If you really do like a blog post, it would be very nice if you took a minute to leave a few words telling the author why you like it. You don’t even have to do it every time…just on the first one you like. After all, if you like one, it is not unusual that you might like future ones, and I certainly understand how busy people are. As a writer, it is nice to know why someone likes a post. After all, that is how bloggers improve their writing, by getting feedback from their readers! Feedback is a bloggers dream and I make it easy by not requiring that you be registered to comment!

When you have a blog about a completely unrelated subject or something like a property for sale, and you do not leave a real comment, it is pretty clear that you are just using my blog to try to get my readers to see yours. That really is a bit rude…don’t you think?


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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9 Responses to Instantaneous Automatic Blog Post Likes…grrr! Or…Blogging Etiquette!

  1. GregH says:

    That’s a typical link spammer technique these days. They try to flatter you with a gushing comment to keep you from noticing the link to their spam website and delete it. Too many weasels out there.

    • Abigail says:

      It can be unbelievable at times the amount of spam I get, but WordPress does a good job of catching it. I did not know they could do the same thing with “Like”.

  2. hum, I did not know this was happening. Probably because I’m not a blogger.

  3. Joelle says:

    I do read and enjoy your blog. I’m sorry I don’t comment a lot. I don’t feel like I have much of value to add most of the time. lol

    • Abigail says:

      That’s OK, hon. I know you read and that you are busy. Plus, there are people who read via email and that is fine. I was just bugged by the people who are obviously liking my posts either via a program (which means they did not even read it) or apparently because they just want my readers to read theirs. In other words, the first time someone likes a post, I would think they would leave a few words telling my why. If they have a similar kind of blog or I can see they have a shared interest, then it is obvious why they liked it. That is OK. But, seriously, when their blog is about selling a piece of property and they don’t comment?? I can’t help but wonder in that instance why they liked it.

  4. vesselofgod says:

    Lol. Definitely rude

  5. This spam, auto-like deal really gets my goat! That is how I found you Abigail…trying to find information on this annoying reality. I run a Christian blog too…so how neat that I found you.
    Love, hugs, and Tons of Blessings from Jesus today and everyday! Cindy @ RemnantREFUGE

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