Blogging Awards

I am one of several bloggers to whom Florence of I Am a Vessel of God gave some awards. She wrote about it here: Versatile and Blessed Blogger Awards. I am both honored and humbled. Thank you, Florence.

I wasn’t really too sure what to do with them. So, I thought about it and finally decided to go ahead and put them on my blog write this post. It has taken a while to get this blog published because I wanted to take the time to really think about what I wanted to write about each blog.

It is always an honor, of course, to receive an award. My earlier blog Little RV on the Hillside has one, too, as does my survivor blog. To think that people like my blogs is always nice. However, it is what she wrote about me that means the most. (I will let you go to her blog post to read it.)

One of them is The Versatile Blogger Award:

However, this next one means more to me! I always want to be a blessing to others. I believe that is what I am here to do for YHWH…bless and encourage others.

Apparently, there are some things that go along with the first award. Although Florence removed the rules so people would not feel pressured (which I appreciate), I did find them on another blog and here they are:

1. Thank the Award giver and link back to them in my blog post
2. Share seven things about myself
3. Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs I enjoy reading
4. Contact my chosen bloggers to let them know about the award and post the award picture

I, too, have decided to make them optional for the same reasons as Florence. I believe an award should be freely given without obligations and pressure attached.

You can actually read a bit about me at the above page called “Who We Are“, but I will go ahead and share a bit more here. I am a Ritual Abuse survivor (and yes, I do not have a problem with the word survivor for I see it as being a victorious thing). I have known Yeshua/Jesus since I was very young (4?), although I knew Him as Jesus back then. I am a home educating mom of a 15 1/2 year old who wants to be a robotics engineer. I love photography and hope to get back to using it for cards and such. I love to write and have written blogs, articles, poetry and songs. I love to cook and bake and am getting into making bread. Years ago, I started making my own healthier, low-fat dessert recipes. I look forward into getting back into that, too.

Hmmm…I think that is 7 facts about me. The people I give awards to do not have to do that.

Now, for those I wish to give an award, I can’t really say that I am into the versatility aspect of things, but I sure am into the blessing part. These blogs are not necessarily newly discovered, but they are truly blessings to me and/or others. I know…it says “You Bless Me”, but when someone blesses others, well that blesses me, too! There are many that have touched me over the years, but here are a few. Although I do not have the time to thoroughly read every post they write, I do follow along in a cursory manner and am always blessed by what I read. (Typical disclaimer…I do not agree with everything these people believe, but then I don’t agree with ANYONE 100%!)

Friends of Domenic – Domenic was taken forcibly from his family by the Swedish government as they were on a plane to fly to India, his mother’s native country. The crime? He was home schooled, which was legal in Sweden. They broke no laws. This blog is to inform people of this injustice and the ongoing fight to get this family back together.

Music for the Soul – Steve Siler has worked on music projects designed to bring healing to people who are going through, or have gone through, various life challenges. YHWH has used this music to touch many, including me.

Quivering Daughters – Hillary is an amazing woman who came out of the Quiverful/Patriocentric Movement. She has encouraged me in my walk and her blog and book have helped many people. Book review is here. Her blog is part of her outreach to other women who are either still in families who part of that movement or who have come out of them and find themselves alone and rejected by all those they love. She has a precious heart.

Under Much Grace –  Like Hillary, Cindy Kunsman experienced spiritual abuse in “churches”. Her blog is also there to be a light of help to others who are either still experiencing spiritual abuse or have come out the other side needing support and help.

The Relaxed Homeschooler – Mary Hood is a wonderful woman who really touched my life before I ever even “met” her. I was given a used set of seminar tapes wherein I heard that my method of home schooling was not only “legit”, but it even had a name! “Relaxed Home schooling”

Harp and Story – What can I say about Steve and Shirley? They are a precious brother and sister through whom the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit brought me through a huge leap forward in my healing journey…a leap that was badly needed in order to protect my son and myself. I am forever grateful to them and am honored to know them.

Paracletos – Dave and Irene are former missionaries who have a heart for ministering to other missionaries who are either still on the field or who are post-field. Their experiences give them a unique understanding of the struggles, challenges and blessings of mission work. We are honored to know them and to have been able to help with Baan Sabai.

Pat & Claudia’s Blog – I cannot say enough about this brother and sister. Although we have never met in person, they have blessed us SO much and we have been able to minister to one another through the grace of the Ruach. They are truly a brother and sister of the heart…not just the Ruach. They run the mission minded Praise Broadcasting Network.

Voice of the Martyrs – There are SO many across the world who are being seriously persecuted simply for being followers of Yeshua/Jesus. VOM keeps those people in front of the rest of us…both for prayer and for support. They are watching what the rest of us miss and keeping us informed. I am so thankful for what they do.

Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog – Joel is a Messianic Jew who has an insider understanding of what is happening in the Middle East. He knows people in high places and YHWH has gifted him with an insight that he then shares with others. His novels have had an uncanny habit of coming true.

FFOZ Blogs – First Fruits of Zion is a Messianic Jewish ministry that reaches out both to Jews and to Christians. They have materials that have really opened my eyes to the meanings of the scriptures because they understand not only the language, but also the culture. They have insight as to how the original readers would have understood what was written and also what the writers most likely intended to communicate. Our Western modern ways of thinking really do affect how we interpret/understand what we read. I have been SO blessed by this ministry.

Beyond Evangelical: The Blog of Frank Viola – Fran has challenged me to think differently about “church”. He has helped me to be open to the possibilities of what the Ruach can do through willing open hearts and to re-examine the truth about what is “tradition” versus what is truly in scripture. He, along with Jon Zens, has encouraged us in our vision of starting a home gathering alongside of our home assembly

Searching Together – Jon Zens works closely with Frank Viola and I have had the privilege of communicating with him directly. He has written books that have really helped me to understand some of what is in the scriptures, especially regarding women.

Eric Pazdziora – What can I say about this brother? Not only does he write music, but he has a unique, quirky way of looking at the scriptures and things of life that really gets me thinking. He helps people to see things from a different perspective than we might normally see them. I really like that!

City Songbird – Carrie Pazdziora also writes beautiful music and is in a trio with Eric. The way she opens her heart to us readers of her blog is really a blessing. A Southern girl in Chicago, she really tries to see the L-rd in all around her. I enjoy reading about her life and her heart. There are times when I have been convicted by what she has written and I have been challenged to examine my own heart.

Slam Dunks – A former officer who keeps looking at cases, I appreciate his insights and how he really seems to care about the victims whose cases he is looking reviewing. But the thing that really blesses me even more is his openness about the way he interacts with his family. In the midst of the tragedies of dealing with crime, he makes me laugh at the antics of his children and of him! I love that he makes me smile.

The Pastor’s Study and The Pondering Pastor – I wasn’t sure which blog to post, so I am putting both. Pastor Randy is the author of both. I really appreciate his insights and his challenges. We used to live near him and he has blessed our family in very real ways for which we are grateful.

Well, that about sums it up. There are really so many good blogs out there, but I have to end the list somewhere. I hope you will all check them out and will also be blessed.


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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10 Responses to Blogging Awards

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words and award Abigail. I look forward to following the links of others that you profiled.

    God Bless!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks…As usual, I really have no idea what this is all about, but glad someone is at least reading my blog (The Relaxed Home Schooler)…great to feel appreciated.

  3. Mary Hood says:

    Thanks for the recognition…It’s always nice to know someone actually reads the things I write…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for acknowledging the Friends of Domenic blog. It is good to know people care. -Kelley

  5. Cindy K says:

    Thank you for this honor. Spiritual abuse is a miserable experience, and I’m glad to see your work which serves to help foster healing and warn the unsuspecting.

    • Abigail says:

      You are welcome, Cindy! I think it is very important to talk about all of life…the good AND the bad. People need healing and they need to know they are not alone in their experiences. I really appreciate it when people are willing to be transparent. Thank you for all you do.

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