Living in a DarkCave…or…Where’s the Light?

When I was growing up, I lived part of the time in areas that had really cold winters with snow. I remember my father taking down the screens outside and putting up storm windows in their place to help protect us from the winter cold. On the inside, of course, we had curtains.

When we lived in the RV we had to cover the single paned glass windows on the inside really well during the cold weather to keep the warmth in and the cold outside. We also put up plastic on the outside to act as a kind of storm window. Before we put the plastic up, we would get lots of ice on the inside of the window. The plastic outside really helped a lot with that.

When we took the inside covers down during the day, the light could come in, but on the extremely cold days, when we left them on, it was like a dark cave inside. For more of what that was like go here: Living in a Cave or…Baby, It’s COLD Outside! and here: Living in a “Cave” & Let There Be Light!

We are no longer in the our little RV on the hillside. Now, we are in Beit-Shalom (House of Peace) farther up on the hillside. Here in Beit-Shalom we have double paned glass. There are only two places where it has lost its integrity”. One of the patio doors is cloudy and there is an upper pane on our bedroom window that has the outer glass broken. In those two places, we basically have single pane.

I am sure the double pane makes a difference because all the “authorities” tell me it does. However, the practical reality is that it takes SO long to get back your costs for replacing single with doubles that the energy audit programs won’t even touch windows and glass doors! It is recommended that thick winter curtains are a better solution…along, of course, with good insulation.

We have no curtains right now. Plus, we have no main source of heat. The heat pump we put in does not work. We were given a woodstove, but have no money to get it installed. So, we are using space heaters and it is costing us a lot. As a result, we have been taking some conserving measures.

We heat mostly the front part of the house in the day time, typically in the 60’s. (Yes, we bundle up!) The bedrooms and back bathroom are heated at night. Unless we are doing work on the house, in which case, the whole house is in the 60’s. When it gets super cold at night, we keep the front oil heater on half power and about half on the thermostat.See this post for a picture of the oil type heater. Some Winterizing

That keeps the front from freezing. It stays at least in the upper forties. If it is too cold for too long, we might keep it on full simply because it is harder to warm up a house when the walls have gotten too cold.

Another measure is covering the windows with cardboard. For now, the cardboard is screwed or nailed into the wall. I plan on getting sturdy clips so that I can hang blankets instead, but for now we have the cardboard. As you can see, it makes things very dark inside.

This is our bedroom with the lights on. Next is the same view with the light off.

This is the living room sliding glass door. You can see one of our space heaters at the bottom of the photo. Six, one of our manx kitties, is also in the photo.

This is the bathroom window.

Sleeping in a completely dark room makes it more difficult to wake up in the morning. There is very little light to tell our bodies that it is time to get up.

I think the same thing happens with our spirits. If we do not live in the light of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, then we will fall asleep spiritually and it can be very hard to wake up. Our spiritual adversary wants us sleeping in the dark. He does not want us to be awake and walking in the light of YHWH’s word…either the written word of the bible or the living Word of Yeshua/Jesus. We need to make sure that we are not blocking YHWH’s light to us.

We also need to have a spiritual heat source. Our main source of spiritual growth (what makes and keeps our hearts hot) is the love of YHWH as expressed to Him and to others. We must love YHWH with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. We must love our neighbors as ourselves. We must love our siblings in Yeshua.

We learn how to love by reading YHWH’s word and by allowing the Ruach HaKodesh to work through us. We grow in that love through intimate interactions with our brothers and sisters in Yeshua through the Ruach HaKodesh. If we cut ourselves off from those interactions…our main source of spiritual growth (our spiritual heat source)…we will become cold in our hearts.

Just as space heaters are not really adequate (or economical) as a source of heat, sporadic interactions with YHWH and the body of Yeshua are inadequate for our being fully awake and alive in the Spirit.

Food for thought…questions to ask yourself. Feel free to answer below if you want.

*Where/what/who is the Light in YOUR life?

*What/who is YOUR heat source?

*Are you alive and growing in YHWH’s love?

*Are you having regular intimate interactions with the body of Yeshua? (Hint…going to “church” is NOT typically intimate interactions. More on that in another post.)



About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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9 Responses to Living in a DarkCave…or…Where’s the Light?

  1. Your post reminded me of growing up in my grandmothers house. The only heat came from a floor furnace downstairs, a gas stove and a fireplace. Upstairs was a tiny gas heater in a very old fire place – 7 blankets kept me warm in the winter!

    The light of the Holy Spirit – it makes all the difference:) To be wrapped with the love of God, yes, it warms my heart – and the Word of God is like strands of wool added to the blanket we wrap ourselves with!

    Your post is such an great visual of what the Holy Spirit and God’s word does for our lives!

    • Abigail says:

      Ah…the pile of blankets! I get colder than my hubby, so I had more on my side than he did on his. However, I recently swapped out the quilt for a comforter. No more extras for now. At least we do have insulation in the walls so we are not losing all of our heat.

      Thank you for coming by and for your kind words. 🙂

  2. jasonswartz says:

    Light is always surounding my vessel, which is my soul. My soul is the one desire among the other nations of wordly desires, that is pointed straight towards the Creator. When I change my intention from, “for myself” to “For the Creator”, I can reach similarity to the Force of Bestowal which I call His Light and through equivalence of form the Light can enter my vessel. However I cannot always overcome my selfish intention to receive only for myself,and therefore I plead with the Creator to correct my desire and intention, and to adorn my vessel with the proper intention (for the Creator)

    So I bring to the Creator with Joy my revealed evil, so that I may have need in His mercy and Grace. What need would I have for the Light if I perceived only perfection within myself? So with Joy and good pleasure I return daily to my Fathers house, with the knowledge that it brings HIM pleasure to help HIS BELOVED.

    As the surrounding Light that is destined to completely fill my vessel, (desire for the Creator) performs the corrections so that more and more of the Creator can be reveal my soul, His endless pleasure transforms my suffering. The Light is One however within my sensations Grace, Mercy, Truth, Judgement, and His infinite variation are reveal to me. As I live them the Name of the Creator is reveal to me, within that special desire, my vessel for the KING, my SOUL.

    The name of the Creator is not revealed in words, but from the power that decends from His Heaven, that mighty river….Zeir Anpin. ….The Kingdom of God with you.

    Thanks for the questions for reflection at the end of your post……this is what I got from the questioned you asked .

    • Abigail says:

      The Creator’s name has been revealed to all who read His word. It is YHWH. Or, as some see it…YHVH. He has not only made His name known to all…I firmly believe that He desires that it be used. For too long has His name been kept from His people. 🙂 We also know the name of His Son…Yeshua.

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  4. vesselofgod says:

    Hi Abigail, I feel cold just looking at your pictures brrrrrr!

    I just wanted to stop by and day thank you for your words, it’s strange but I feel an affinity to you, maybe it is your writing style our the heart that comes through in your words.

    You are right of course, I have learnt a lot from my current situation and for me each stumble brings me closer to living a life more pleasing to my God.

    Wishing you lots of love and many blessings in messiah Yeshua. Xxx

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