Chag Sameach! Sukkot Is Here!

Chag Sameach! Sukkot Is Here!

Sukkot October 13, 2011 / 15 Tishrei, 5772

Abba, thank You SO much for celebrations!
Thank You SO much for the gift of Your feasts that remind us of history and of the future!

You are awesome and Your glory shines forth as we celebrate Sukkot.

We remember how Your chosen people lived in tents in the wilderness when You delivered them from the hand of Pharoah.
We celebrate how You have delivered us from our sin through Yeshua HaMashiach!

We remember how You dwelt with them in a tabernacle made by human hands.
We celebrate the fact that we have become Your tabernacle through the outpouring of Your Ruach/Spirit.

We remember Yeshua our Mashiach/Messiah coming for the first time.
We celebrate the time when Yeshua will come again to dwell in Your holy city on Mt. Zion. We pray “Hoshana! O Sar Shalom, hoshana!” (Please save! O Prince of Peace, please save!”

We celebrate that Yeshua is the Living Water and that He washes away our sins.
We look forward to His return when there will no longer be sin.

We thank You that He has come as the former rain and will come again as the latter rain.
May we, as Your children, be as living water to those around us.

May we plant seeds of Your love and Good News.
May we walk alongside others and help them to grow.
May we grow into the community You want us to be…the body of Yeshua.

Touch each one reading this, please Abba. May they truly know the healing Shalom of Yeshua. May they experience wholeness and completeness. May they see Your provision. May they have joy in their hearts and be able to celecrate Sukkot.

B’shem Yeshua


About Abigail

We are a couple who loves the Creator...the G-d of the bible...Elohei Avraham, Yitzchak b'Ya'akov, who expresses Himself in many ways, including: Abba/Daddy/Father, Yeshua/Jesus/Son and Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit.
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