So Much to Do & So Far Behind!

Wow! I come here and I feel almost overwhelmed when it comes to what to write. I am way behind on posting photos and updates on our progress. I will try to catch some highlights here now and, hopefully, get some photos up later.

The house is still very unfinished; however, we do have most of the heat pump in. Well, we do have the main components in, but still need to get the plenum up and the ductwork in. We do have the plenum mostly done. Once it is in place, Dave will finish the plenum. We have, so far as we know, all the ductwork we need. We still need to get register covers, but that is cosmetic. It can wait.

The heat pump was running and producing heat, however, the compressor suddenly stopped working. The neighbor who has been voluntarily helping us strongly suspects that there was not enough gas. He does not have any more to put in. We are hoping that, when we can get it charged, it will work fine.

We did not get a chance to test the cooling aspect, but don’t really forsee a problem with that. If it heats, it should cool since the only difference with a heat pump is the direction the hot or cold air flows. For heating, the hot air flows inside with the cool going outside. To cool the house, you reverse that.

We still have lots of odds and ends to do…light switches, phone jacks and two doors to put in. We still need to anchor the dishwasher so that I can use it and put more pantry and office shelving. We are not concerned about things like taping, painting and inside trim.

Our main focus is on winter. We need to put up lap boards over the seams in the T111 plywood that is on the outside of the house. We have tar on one side of the foundation, but need to get more on the other three sides. We also need to bury the foundation in dirt. There is also still the septic line to bury down by the RV. Dave has to level it and carefully bury it. He also needs to finish burying the phone line.

I was also trying to bring in as much as possible from out of the weather before we lose any more items; but that has had to stop due to lack of vertical storage (read…shelves). Thankfully, Dave was able get some pieces of OSB for shelving.Being able to add to the pantry and to put some shelves in the office will help tremendously in bringing some semblance of order.

Part of my push to get things inside, too, was that I could not find some curriculum that I KNOW I have. Or at least, I HOPE I still have. The weather and mold got to so much of our stuff. I do have enough to start the school year; however, there are a couple of subjects that we will have to start later. He will have the option to either go faster or simply run those subjects longer than the others.

It seems at times like it is taking forever to get some things done…and it is. Some of our waiting has been for funding and some of it has been for someone to come help and some of it has been waiting on the weather. We have had an exceptionally hot and humid summer, which makes it difficult to do any outside work or work in the attic.

Between job hunting, getting ready for school, dealing with unemployment (and, for Dave, even having a short stint at work), sorting through things, doing laundry with a washer up here and a dryer still below and all the craziness of trying to find things because there are no real set places still for much of it…life has been a bit crazy.

Slowly, we are finding some semblance of order in Beit-Shalom. I see Autumn approaching, followed by winter close behind. We are praying for guidance and wisdom and the ability to get all the things we need done before winter. Once the heat pump is completely in and the house goes through an energy audit, we will have insulation put in the attic. The crawlspace insulation follows. That will help a lot.

Of course, there are other aspects of our lives to also keep us busy, but this is an overview. I hope to get photos and videos uploaded an into the blog. Oh, yeah, not having my laptop working properly for a while also did not help, but they finally sent me a brand new one…an even better one than I had because they stopped making mine. I am happy!

Life is what it is. It will go up and down. There will be times when we will be coasting and times when we will be holding on for dear life. Life will sometimes seem to be moving in our favor and other times it will be really challenging and we will find ourselves needing to trust the Creator all the more. However life goes, we know that G-d is in control. We know how it ends and what lies ahead for us in the next life. This world is but a shadow. The best is yet to come.


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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