For all the Living Lydias and Seans & Their Parents…

I just have to address this.

Not everything that is labeled “Christian”…is.

Not everything that is labeled “biblical”…is.

Just because a person is “well-meaning” does not mean what they are doing is “well”.

Being sincere does not make a person “right”. They can be sincerely wrong!

There are teachings out there labeled as “christian” and/or “biblical” that are anything but. Oh, they may use scriptures, but it is a travesty against G-d and His people to associate them with such hurtful and damaging teachings.

Whether it is the soul tromping, degrading behaviours mandated in the teachings of patriocentricity (oftentimes misnamed “patriarchy”), the commands to propagate (even to the danger of the mother and against her own wishes) in the teachings of the Quiverful movement (NOT to be confused with simply wanting a lot of children), or in the ways of “training up” and “disciplining” children taught by people like the Pearls and the Ezzos, these teachings and methods are NOT from the bible and they are NOT from Yeshua/Jesus!!

What triggered this post? The coverage by CNN of Lydia Schatz…the little girl who was killed by her own parents who used the methods taught by Michael and Debi Pearl in their books and on their site. She is not the only one to die from using the Pearl’s methods. A little boy named Sean died in 2006 at the hands of a mother using the Pearls methods. Not familiar with them? Please check out this link: And follow the other links from there…and grieve for the Lydias and Seans who are now gone. Check out the Pearls’ site. I have.

The Pearls, of course, blame the parents, just like the Ezzos did when the infants being cared for by their methods failed to thrive. NONE of them take any responsibility. I have read from the Pearl’s site and I have read one of the Ezzo’s books (as well as knowing someone who was smart enough to walk away from the Ezzo’s teachings). What the Pearls advocate is exactly what it has been shown the Schatz’s did! When I read the Ezzo’s book, common sense told me babies lives were at risk and, sure enough, there WERE infants hospitalized.

I write this for the still living Lydias and Seans…for all the little girls and boys whose parents are using these methods. Please…STOP IT!!!!! Parents, PLEASE, take another look. Allow your heart to hear and see what is happening to your children. G-d did not give these children to the Pearls or to the Ezzos! He gave them to YOU!!! Love them! Protect them from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Protect them from false teachings like these!

It is hard not to cry when I read about things like this. Oh, the tears that must be falling in heaven over such horrible things. What is worse is that they are being done in the guise of it being “God’s way”. Well, it isn’t the way of the G-d I love and serve…of the true Creator of the universe.

Those of you who call yourselves “Christian”…cry out against these kind of things! Show everyone that these teachings are NOT biblical! They are NOT Christian! If you don’t speak out who will????

There are a lot of things written out there and I have oftentimes noted that people will either exaggerate what someone has written or said (example – using the word “yanking” in place of the original words of “gently tug”). That is too bad because it can make a person look as if they have an agenda rather than simply presenting the truth about something. Please, look beyond that. Don’t let that dissuade you from really studying this.

People also tend to move in extremes. They tend to assume that a person is either always right or always wrong. So even when there is actually something right coming from a false teacher, they reject it anyway. Or, just because a person is very right about something, they blindly believe everything they say.  Both extremes can be dangerous.

Naturally, you want to switch sources if someone is very wrong on some things, but don’t blindly accept everything a good person says, either. They are not G-d. They are not perfect. Look around. Study on your own. Find out what IS right and best. Do NOT take any one person’s word for anything…unless that Person is the G-d of the Bible. Ask G-d for discernment.

And, please, love your child. Open your heart and mind and spirit to see if you are harming them in any way. The same thing goes for your spouse. G-d is love. He wants us to love others…not harm them.

If you want more information, another place to start is here: Please read carefully and with discernment. Pray and ask the Creator to show you the truth. He will do it…if you ask.


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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5 Responses to For all the Living Lydias and Seans & Their Parents…

  1. Excellent post and so very true.

    • Abigail says:

      Thanks. It breaks my heart to see all the people hurting from false teachings.

      We must deal with the wolves who are usurping the terms “biblical” and “christian” and putting us and G-d in a bad light.

  2. Eric says:

    Excellent post, Abi! Thanks for helping to spread awareness of this crucial issue. Also thanks for the talk2action link, which I hadn’t seen before.

    • Abigail says:

      Thanks, Eric. I just hope more Christians will wake up and put a stop to this devastating nonsense. No…even more than nonsense, it is downright evil! How many lives and families must be destroyed in the name of Yeshua?

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