Shabbat Shalom August 6, 2011 / 6 Av, 5771

Abba…I lift up my heart and spirit to You. You are the Giver of Life. You are the L-rd of all that is, all that has been and all that is to come. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are in the beginning and at the end. You are everywhere and always there.

You cause the rise and fall of empires and nations. You raise up leaders and You bring them down. You are no respecter of persons. You love us all…from the lowliest one to the one of highest rank and position. Rich or poor. Weak or strong. Helpless or powerful. Highly intelligent or very simple and child minded. You made us all. You love us all.

You are the Giver of Life. We move and have our being in You and You alone. Without You we would not exist! Yet, how often do we acknowledge You in our lives? In our thoughts? In our desires? In our actions? In our words? Oh, Adonai…we do not deserve Your love. We fall so short of loving You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths! Please…help us!

Thank You, Yeshua, for interceding for us. Thank You for being our Cohen Gadol/High Priest. Without You and what You have done for us as our Messiah, we would be nothing…destined for eternal death and suffering. Because of You, we are blessed beyond measure! Yet, how often do we really recognize that blessing in our lives? How often do we murmur and complain like Your people did in the wilderness? We are no different than they.

Abba, please help us to be worthy of the name You have given us…children of El ‘Elyon/G-d Most High! May we honor You in all we think, do and say. May Your name be lifted up and sanctified through our lives. May people see You in us. May Your Ruach/Spirit rule in our hearts and lives.

Change us, O G-d. Change our wayward hearts into steadfast, faithful ones. Change our fleshly desires into the desires of YOUR heart! Give us Your wisdom, Your strength, Your Shalom. May we seek to serve You by serving one another. May we lift up and support those You have placed in Your body as shepherds and teachers and apostles and evangelists. May we encourage them and walk alongside of them and their families.

Abba, please protect Your people from undue attacks from the evil one. Do not allow hasatan to rob from Your children. May we all walk in our armor fighting in the spirit for Your kingdom. May we be salt and light and bringers of Truth. May we be peacemakers. May we walk where You would have us walk. May we reach out and help as You would have us reach out and help. May we bring Your Shalom where You would have us bring Your Shalom. May we be Yeshua where You would have us be Yeshua. May we love others as we love ourselves and may we love one another…in Your holy name. May we make You proud of us!

Please bring Your Shalom to Yerushalayim and to Your land and to Your Chosen ones.

b’shem Yeshua

About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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