Shabbat Shalom July 23, 2011 / 21 Tammuz, 5771

Abba…I praise You. I join with all of my brothers and sisters in Yeshua in lifting Your name on high. Your name is precious and to be guarded. May our lives glorify Your name and not profane it! May everything we think and do and say be evidence of Your character as You live within us.

Although we are mere humans, You have given us Your name by calling us Your children! What an honor…to be called the children of the Most High G-d…children of El ‘Elyon! May we NEVER profane Your holy name by behaving in ways contrary to Your Torah…to Your teachings! May we never cause others to turn away from You because of what they see and hear in us!

Abba…You have given us a precious gift…the gift of salvation through Yeshua, Your Son! May we be faithful to tell others of that gift according to the spiritual giftedness that You have given each one of us. May we ALL edify and build up the body of Yeshua as You told us You desire us to do. May we never lose the awe that comes from recognizing that the Ruach/Spirit of the Most High God dwells within these clay vessels!

Abba…Your people are being attacked in so many ways. Many of them are being tortured and killed, kidnapped and sold into slavery of all kinds. May we always remember to lift our suffering brothers and sisters up to You. May we help them in any way in which You open the doors. Encourage them, Abba…comfort them. Fill them with Your healing Shalom.

Please, Abba…put it on the hearts of Your leaders to tell Your assemblies about the suffering. We have family being martyred EVERY DAY and yet we seldom, IF EVER, hear about it. We do not, as assemblies, actively lift them and their families up in prayer! What a travesty! Even in my own family, Abba, we tend to seldom think about them. FORGIVE US, Abba!!! Place these brothers and sisters on our hearts and never let them leave!!! Keep them in front of us always!

Abba, it is so easy to take our freedom for granted. May we always acknowledge that our freedom is a gift from You and may not always be a part of Your plan for our lives. There may come a time when WE are the ones suffering for Your Name’s sake! WE may need the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Yeshua. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us is not just a nice saying…it is a command of Yeshua. Also, it is not just something we do in our immediate surroundings. Abba, I believe You want our vision to be broader than that. You want us to pray and do good unto those near AND far away…not JUST far away…and not JUST near.

Please keep our hearts faithful to You, Abba. Please keep our teachings and ministry in line with YOUR word…YOUR kingdom…YOUR plans for us. May we NOT follow the plans of men. May we NOT model our assemblies after the patterns of this world. May we humbly seek Your face in ALL things. May we draw so close to You that the things You love…we love. And the things You hate…we hate. May we be so close to You that people see YOU when they look at us!

I praise You, Adonai. I praise You and adore You. May my life reflect that in every way. May I seek to serve rather than to be served. May I seek quiet equality with my brothers and sisters here leaving the praises (any) and rewards (if any) to You in heaven. May I trust You completely in every area…KNOWING that Your love for us goes beyond anything we could ever imagine. May I recognize Your love in EVERY thing we go through…in every BLESSING…in every TRIAL.

THANK YOU, Abba…that You NEVER GIVE UP ON US!!!! You constantly woo us and invite us to come closer to You. Thank You that You envelope us in Your love. May we walk in an awareness of Your Ruach dwelling within us. May we live holy lives as a result. May we love You fully and completely with everything we have and everything we are. May we love our neighbors as ourselves. May we love one another. May it truly be said that those who see us will know we are Your disciples by our love for one another.

Praise You, Adonai. Praise You!

I humbly bring these things to You b’shem Yeshua.


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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