Shabbat Shalom July 16, 2011 / 14 Tammuz, 5771

Abba…in Your Word we find:
But there was not a man among them who had also been included in the census of Moshe and Aharon the cohen when they enumerated the people of Isra’el in the Sinai Desert; because Adonai had said of them, “They will surely die in the desert.” So there was not left even one of them, except Kalev the son of Y’funeh and Y’hoshua the son of Nun. (Num 26:64-65 CJB)

Abba…we praise You. You are Mighty. You are Lord. You are the Creator. Sometimes…OK…oftentimes…we may not understand Your ways and Your thoughts. Yet…over the years You wrote to us and You spoke to us through Your prophets. You entrusted Your words to us mere humans and even appeared to us in mighty ways. Today You speak to us through Your word and through Your Ruach. You actually indwell us. That is amazing to me, Abba. Thank You!

There are so many places in Your word where we can see that You are trustworthy. What You say You will do…You do. Who You say You are…You are. Unlike many people, You keep the promises You make. You lift up and discipline those You love and You bring down and destroy those who hate You.

When You said that You would deliver Your people…You meant it and You did it. When You said that a generation of those same people would not enter the Promised Land…You meant it and You did it.

Abba, we know that life and salvation…earth and heaven…and hell…are not a game or a joke. They are real things and real places that You want us to know about. You love us! That is why You tell us the Truth. That is why Yeshua IS the Truth…and the Way…and the Life. That is why He came to us…to show us You, Abba!

May we be faithful to show You to others. May Yeshua’s Life living in us spill out unto all those around us. May we raise You up, YHVH, as the One True God…Creator of all. May we allow Yeshua to be the head of the body…of all of your assemblies.

Abba, please especially help those You have raised up as leaders and their families and loved ones. Strengthen them and comfort them. Place a hedge of protection around them for we know hasatan wants to destroy them and discourage them. We know that he rises up against all who are called by Your name…but especially against those who are effective warriors in Your kingdom.

Abba, please fill us all with Your healing Shalom. Bring wholeness to our bodies, minds and souls. Bring comfort to those who are mourning. Bring strength to those who are weak. Bring understanding to those who are confused. Open the eyes of the blind and open the ears of the deaf…whether physically or spiritually. Raise us up, Abba, to love You with all of our hearts, minds, souls and strengths and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Help us to love one another…as You have called us to do through Yeshua.

Bring unity…not uniformity. Bring compassion and humility in place of pride and distance. Tear down the walls that should not be there while also helping us to build the walls that should. May Your leaders teach only Truth…the Truth…the Way…the Life. May we put aside our selfish ways and lift You up for all to see.

Thank You, Abba, that You…the Almighty Creator…deign to work through us mere humans. That is a relationship that is mind and heart boggling to me. I am in awe. Praise You, YHVH. Praise You. Thank You…for who You are and for Your amazing love and grace toward us.

May our hearts dwell upon You during this Shabbat…upon Your love and Your faithfulness toward us.

b’shem Yeshua


About Abigail

I am a woman who loves life and loves to see others love life, too. I love and serve the Creator, the God of the Bible...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of what the Creator has done in my life, I am here to help others now. I hope we can journey together!
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