Screening and Baffles!

Dave is stapling up the screening material to keep insulation in and insects out of the attic space. The staple gun decided it would only staple at certain angles…which did not work for him. He bought another and it did the same thing. Stanley Tool has never heard of such a thing. He finally had to go buy a different one, so he bought an electric. That will make not only the screening go in a whole lot more easily, but also the baffles.

As it turns out, the electric gun would not fit into all the places, so he had to work around that and come up with a different way to get parts of the screening into place. We have one side of the house done.

Everyone should have a ladder holder!

Dave is putting the baffles in…upside down…shhhhh!! (He did figure out they were upside down. He is planning a “fix” on the ones in between.) Notice the can of wasp spray! Yep…the wasps like to come and make nests, but they won’t have access for long!

A faithful staple gun reloader!

It is awkward working around the pipes.

This is the first side, the one that I did. Dave has done the second side.

Wires, wires…everywhere!


About Abigail

We are a couple who loves the Creator...the G-d of the bible...Elohei Avraham, Yitzchak b'Ya'akov, who expresses Himself in many ways, including: Abba/Daddy/Father, Yeshua/Jesus/Son and Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit.
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